Kristen Stewart May Have Almost Cheated on Robert Pattinson Again

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Kristen StewartWe should probably take this rumor with a grain of salt considering Star magazine is the one reporting it -- but supposedly Kristen Stewart put the moves on Patrick Schwarzenegger at Taylor Lautner's birthday party.

(OMG. Poor Jacob. Edward's in another country right now and he's still getting the shaft.)

According to a source who talked to Star, "She (Kristen) was creeping on Patrick big time. People were saying they should get a room because the energy between them was so hot."

Ok, let me get this straight. There Kristen is, at Taylor Lautner's birthday party, and she figures she might as well go ahead and try and hook up with another dude -- because there's no way Rob is going to find out.

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I'm thinking one of three possible scenarios is going on here: a.) this story is totally bogus, b.) she and Rob are broken up even though they haven't publicly announced it so she doesn't care if people see her making a play for another dude, or c.) she's an idiot.

Even though I'm guessing one of the first two options is the more probable explanation, let's go ahead and entertain the idea of Kristen trying to hook up with Patrick simply because she's being stupid and doesn't think anyone will care.

It's a seriously bad idea for several reasons, one being the fact that as far as anyone knows, she and Rob are still together. Sure, there have been plenty of rumors circulating about them being broken up, and it is kind of starting to look that way -- but they haven't announced a split, so hooking up with other people is still frowned upon. (To say the least.)

And then there's her track record as far as being faithful goes. Given the fact that she cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders -- nobody is going to give her the benefit of the doubt if she strays again. If she knows what's good for her, she should back off and lay low to try and salvage what's left of her reputation.

But let's revisit the possibility that Kristen and Robert have broken up, and simply haven't told anyone -- because it's really starting to look like that may be the case. He's been in Australia filming The Rover for quite some time now, and it does seem pretty strange that she hasn't gone to visit him, and vice versa.

And then just last weekend, Kristen went to a concert with Taylor Lautner, so now there's some speculation that there's more going on between them than they're letting on.

But wait a minute -- I thought she was hitting on Patrick at Taylor's party -- not Taylor?

Wow. It's really getting hard to keep tabs on this girl.

Do you think Kristen is dumb enough to make a play for another guy (or guys) right now?


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nonmember avatar SHUT UP! need to STOP. STOP stirring trouble up. The only one being an idiot lately is this blog and the rest of the tabs with your relentless attacks and bullying of Kristen Stewart. Shut up and try actually BEING a REAL journalist with REAL sources and REAL facts instead of always slandering this poor girl. I swear to GOD you people have me so upset I want to sue you all for false reporting and slander FOR Kristen. I hope someday this happens to YOUR daughter so you can see how truly hurtful you have been!

nonmember avatar Ashley C.

Well Kristen is just in her early 20s and Rob is the same age as me.. Kristen is got awhile before she could settle down with someone and maybe she wants to date others and see who she wants to end up with.. Rob probably should do the same just date others.. Friends with benefits is ok.

Rose M. Westlund

Either Kristen Stewart is dumb, or she's an idiot all together!!! Why cheat on Rob again??? Look at how hot he is, and for her to treat him this way, is ridiculous.

Bessie Dustin Fieser

i think ppl just nd 2 let certain things go. its not like the ppl telling these stories r innocent them selfs.

JR Black

Who cares!

Shonna Perkins Lopez

no one was their to say in fact what Kristen had done. only she knows what she done. "if" she cheats again then she needs fall flat on her a"". I hope that she will not be that stupid again.

seely... seely1979

This is stupid. I wish you would stop printing this stuff. She is not stupid. Just because she has cheated once does not mean she will do it again. He probably put the movies on her. Just because everyone is out to get Kristen and she is headlines do you print this garbage.

Crystal Morales

OH LORD here we go again! So Over your stupid blogs! Time to DELETE

nonmember avatar Heather Dufoe

Kristen are u really trying to destory ur relationship with Robert. U have this really great guy and plus u and Robert are having a baby and i thought that u and him were getting married. Dont get me wrong i do like u and i think that ur a great actress but please dont cheat on him again. Cuz there are alot of women who will be gladly to take ur place.

nonmember avatar TiredMom

Uh - wasn't this story discredited the day after the party? (Where all the media was saying that PATRICK was hitting on KRISTEN, but she was not having any of it?). Guess it must be a slow news day, or people aren't getting enough hits on their websites, so they have to make up something to do with some combination of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, or anything Twilight saga. Smh.

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