Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Have Wild Night Out & Rob Is Nowhere to Be Seen

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Taylor LautnerSeems to me like Kristen Stewart is trying to get on with her life without Robert Pattinson around, and she's doing it with the help of two of his best friends. Sounds scandalous, because, well, it sort of is. Apparently KStew went to Rob's best friend Marcus' concert Saturday night with Taylor Lautner, another one of his good friends. Kristen and Taylor partied with a crew, actually. Although it's questionable as to if they enforced a backward hat dress code, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, drinking beers, all smiles.

Whether or not Kristen and Rob are officially broken up -- seems like she's doing just fine without him. I wonder ... could Taylor be picking up where Rob left off? I mean, this isn't the first time they've hung out recently. Could Kristen and Taylor be the next big couple?! Oh gosh. Every bit of my being hopes the answer is yes.

I mean, come on, Kristen and Taylor have spent so much time together at this point, clearly get along well, it's not totally out of the question that perhaps he could be her rebound guy. Plus, do you SEE how handsome he looks in that black V-neck?!

I just have to add, though, that even if Rob was in the country, I highly doubt he would have joined in for this little concert adventure. Aside from him probably not wanting to be near Kristen, do you SEE what they're all wearing? What, did KStew and Taylor send out a memo to the crew prior to the evening asking them to wear their best Breakfast Club grunge? Rob ... he'd never be caught DEAD looking like such a hooligan.

I say three cheers to the end of KStew and RPattz (hopefully). Although if Kristen and Taylor are getting closer, there goes another celebrihunk off the market.

Do you think Kristen would ever get together with Taylor?


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Deborah Gardner

you should try another profession  you suck at this one... make up more crap to get people to read your shit...        you should re-name your page  the shit stir'er

nonmember avatar Jaime

Do you think perhaps Kristen's been hanging out with Taylor more might have something to do with his turning 21 last month? Think about it - she always seems to be at places that are not 21-and-under friendly. Now that he's of age, he can come along. I think this is being read into way too much.

nonmember avatar rocknmovie

No way in hell, Kristen and Lautner will get together. You can bet that if Rob had been in town he would have gone to the concert, Marcus Foster is one of his best friends. So, Lautner is allowed to drink now... Weird. I thought he didn't drink, didn't smoke, didn't do anything really. You know being Mr Bland. Actually he looks as ugly as ever, with his pug nose and small eyes.

Tammy Strickland

maybe there just friends and what does it really matter anyway? when u r with someone u cant have friends and hang out?  Really


Emily Baker

as a friend but who care if they hangout as a friend they not going out more then friend

Tabitha Logue

i agree with most of everyones comments it jus a rumor the ks and rp broke up or going to break up. you should talk to them before spreding lies about them last i read was they are enggade to be married and just because he not with her 24/7 dont mean she cant go out with friends talor not just his friend he is both of there friends and diff does it make who she hangs out with any way it is no one bussiness but hers so butt out and leave her and rob alone let them live there life the way they want to.

twili... twilightsbella

I agree taylor does look handsome in this pic ;)

Ourjo... Ourjobasparents

NO to a relationship with Taylor. They are just friends. With that being said, Taylor is just as much Kristen's friend as he is Robert's. God forbid their relationship doesn't work out, I wouldn't mind adopting Taylor :D

Dawn1072 Dawn1072


Gloria Hovis

Why in the hell can't these taboits,and these other sites just but out of Kristen business, she not doing any thing wrong.
taylor and Kristen are best friends and he is Robert's best friends to, so what if Kristen and Taylor are spending some times together. Robert is doing his movie, I bet he knows what's going on and I bet Kristen has told him about it and he doesn't care so he knows whats going on see Robert and Kristen don't keep secret from each other she tell him any thing he wants to know so but out of Kristen life. So you see it doesn't bother him he knows they are good friends.
Robert wants Kristen to have fun with friends like Taylor he trusts Taylor and Kristen together, he know they are just friends and friends do hang out you know. Robert has friends he hang out with to, if Robert was there they all three be hanging out together they are all friends. So you so call tablots, and these other sites just but out and leave Robert and Kristen alone.
And for you on here and the media, tabloits, mags/and rags Kristen and Robert have not broken up either they are still together they do still love each other so leave these two couple alone and let them leave their lives for God sake just leave them be.
I'm a fan of both and I love them both dearly, and I also am a fan of Taylor as well I love them all three. so but out you stupid edoit morons just quited it. Wishing Robert and kristen the best good luck to both just keep on loving each other no matter what.

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