Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Deserved to Be Snubbed for MTV Best Kiss Award

kristen stewart robert pattinsonWith Kristen Stewart spending more time with Jacob Taylor Lautner than Edward on-again, off-again BF Robert Pattinson these days, and "Robsten" seeming more like a distant memory than anything else, it's no wonder MTV has axed the long-standing "tradition" of nominating the couple in the MTV Movie Awards' Best Kiss category. That's right! Although Taylor was nominated for Best Shirtless Performance (ha ha, but of course), Rob and Kristen, four-time winners of the Best Kiss category, weren't even nominated for Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Kinda crazy, especially considering this year would have been their much-anticipated grand finale!

But a source tells that MTV had their reasons -- reasons you couldn't really blame 'em for.

The insider explains:

With the relationship between Kristen and Rob so strained, the people who make the decisions on nominations found it to be very awkward if they had them nominated, because if they won, then it would really put the show in a bad spot when one of them wouldn't show up to the show.

So why not just have the publicists from Summit coordinate and ensure that both KStew and RPattz would be present? Well, MTV was supposedly "told the chances of getting most of the talent would be difficult since Summit doesn’t run their schedules anymore. Everyone wants to move on. ... MTV is looking to move the show to the future and not focus on the past.”

All right, so it's a bit of a bummer for Twi-hards. But it makes perfect sense. No one -- especially not them, it seems -- really wants to keep reliving the last four years, the entire franchise, all the Robsten hype. And eeeh, can you imagine how horribly cringe-worthy it could be if they were nominated, won, and then it was just KStew again? (So awkward last year!) Or just RPattz and he kissed Taylor again?! (Oh man ...) Or neither? Or both -- and they were super cold and standoffish? Even a loyalest fan really needs to say bravo to avoiding any of that.

We're much better off. Yes, let's focus on the future. Time to bring on the sexy new meat! (My bet's on JLaw and Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings Playbook this year.)

Are you disappointed by this news? Who would you like to see win Best Kiss?


Image via MAP/Splash News

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Debbie Malenky

I thought the award for best kiss was for the characters Edward and Bella in a fictional movie, so why does them not being nominated have anything to do with their personal life?

1SpaZ... 1SpaZZedMom

One reason that KStew is hanging out wih Taylor more right now is because of Rob filming "The Rover" overseas. And, if you look at postings of pics, I'd have to agree that I wouldn't want to see him in character with the fake teeth (nasty yellow) and his hair chopped all funky! Hoping the movie is a good one - even if his character looks scummy...

He'd come back for the awards if there were nominations, we all know that! It's a stupid reason to not nominate and stupid....

nonmember avatar Jaime

Debbie - you are right on. The characters have nothing to do with their personal lives. If I remember correctly, they were nominated once and won, and Rob wasn't there because he was filming a movie. That didn't stop MTV then.

Sharon Gibson Mullins

MTV has gone to the dogs so who care Rob and Kristen will always be best when it comes to this category ...MTV sucks

nonmember avatar rocknmovie

The best kiss is for the film characters not for the actors. None of the actors nominated for best kiss are a couple in real life, so the explanation doesn't make sense. Mostly that Rob and Kristen have not broken up, it's only that Rob is away for filming reasons... Kristen managed very well on her own last year.

nonmember avatar barbara b

MTV who? I don't watch mtv awards,because they don't know anything. The Twilight Breaking Dawn Cast should have all been nominated and not snubbed! I don't know how you people get pay for doing a lousy job!

seely... seely1979

I do not care about the past!  They should still win best kiss. This time they should really kiss. I went to both the MTV movie awards (2011 and 2012) I was short changed because I did not get to see them kiss. Rob and Kristen owe it to their fans. I will vote for them to win best kiss. I am not attending the awards this year. I will be watching from home. I wished I had waited for the year because Russell Brand was awful. Rebel Wilson will be great this year. As far as being snubbed, Breaking Dawn part 2 was great and it should be nominated. This is the last chance for Rob and Kristen to win this award, it will happen.

Amanda Lawell

That is just plain joke it is the char being picked not the actor's what a lame ass put off!

Dawn Hayes Travis LaCombe

MTV hasn't been worth watching since the 80's. They killed it after that. It sucks..

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