'Bachelor' Sean Lowe's Fantasy Suite Date With AshLee Frazier May Not Have Been So Innocent

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Sean Lowe AshLee Frazier

OMG. Say it isn't so. Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky thinks there's a chance that Sean Lowe may have had sex with AshLee Frazier in the fantasy suite on their overnight date -- based on AshLee calling Sean a liar on The Bachelor "Women Tell All" special.

Yes, she used Sean Lowe and sex (ok, so she didn't actually say "sex," but she implied it) in the same sentence and the words "not until marriage" were not included.

Holy smokes. This is huge, people.

In her Bachelor blog for E!, Ali writes, "AshLee seriously called Sean out last night. I know he's a born again virgin, but her behavior really makes me wonder if they got physical together in the fantasy suite. She said she felt 'dishonored' by him."

And I hate to admit it -- but the exact same thought went through my head while I was watching AshLee and Sean's conversation on the show. Did you notice how Sean got all shifty-eyed when AshLee asked him why he told her he didn't have any feelings for the other two women?

The first thing that popped into my mind was, "Why would he say that to her? OMG. The only reason he would possibly say something like that is to butter her up and get her to give into temptation and take things to the (ahem) next level."

You guys, I really don't want to believe that Sean went against his morals and did the dirty with AshLee, but you have to admit, it does sound possible judging from his reaction to her accusations.

And if they did actually engage in a whole lot more than polite chit-chat in the fantasy suite, AshLee's blatantly pissed off reaction to Sean sending her home makes even more sense.

But then again, it's also likely that Sean was just so caught off-guard by AshLee calling him out for lying that he didn't know what to do or say, which is why his gaze started going all over the place and he began to squirm.

Ugh. This is really a tough one to call. Either AshLee is, in reality, 100 percent more unstable than Tierra LiCausi -- or something went down between her and Sean in that fantasy suite that neither one of them will probably ever admit to.

Do you think AshLee and Sean had sex?


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Aurora Mero Cooper

If not sex some major fooling around maybe? He definitely had some guilty looking eyes going on. Just my humble opinion.

Sandra Blake

i think he lied plain and simple.  Just look at his face.  I say ask the other two and see if he told each of them the same thing.  

Trisha Mullin

I think that Asshlee is just pissed and what better way to get even than plant a seed that he "lied". She is crazy like a fox and what you call a scorned women. They love vengence. The other women looked as surprised as Sean did after her remark. She had time to prepare her venom and she is not as sweet and innocent as she would like us to believe. I for one am not buying it.

Roberta Howard

No absolutely NOT.. Sean was taken off gurard.. She read more into his conversation with her.

She wanted 2 mmake it what she wanted it to be.. Leave Sean alone.. He will

be very Happy with Catherine.. She is way more cute than Lindsey OR Ashlee.


nonmember avatar Lee

I think they are all cute in their own way, but when it comes to personality, Catherine has it hands down. The girl is smart, beautiful, cute, sexy, classy, and she knows how to have fun.

Maria Elias Novoa

Who cares whatever went down is between two consenting adults! If it did happened she gave it up and is on her. However it sounds more like nothing happened and and she is reacting as a women scorn. There were total of three female there and she really didn't seem all that fun! She has major issues.

Carole Erickson Carney

I think he said that to get her to give it up. I personally think he went way too farm with ``I am falling in love with her``, which he said about just about every girl on the show. Myself, I think he does fall in love with anyone who he happens to be with at the moment...lol

Opal Mccollum

NO....Sean is TOO MUCH A GENTLEMAN to have sex....make statements like she says he made, and then send her home the next day?  NO WAY!  I did notice his eyes moving around but I think he just didn't want to call her a LIAR ON PUBLIC TV.  He's too much of a gentleman and was not sure how to handle the scene.  He's not an actor.  I believe AshLee has a control issue and she was trying to control Sean into admitting to her LIES.  Obviously she's done this before trying to make people beleive they said something they didn't say. ( lol, my Grandaughter does this too me). NO WAY on ANY DAY is  ANYONE going to make me believe he said that!  AND I DON'T THINK THEY HAD SEX EITHER!


Vicki Roper Dana

Ashlee had issues thats for sure. Telling his what ring size she was and what she would like it look like was a little much...no a lot too much. I think Sean got a little scared off by her clingy ways too. I think maybe he should have just stayed away from the fantasy suites because what is happening is so predictable! I do not think he had sex with any of the 3 of them but think things probably got a little heated. I believe he is honestly confused about which of the last 2 woman he wants to have as his wife. Understandably so! Both great people just offer different things to the relationship. I just hope whoever it is they make it to the altar and have a wonderful life together.  I am personally tired of all the ending of realationships after the show is over!!

nonmember avatar Simone

Of course he had sex with her, and it shows how little integrity he has by publicly counter her claims. I would not trust a 29 year-old male who felt it necessary to become a born-again virgin. He's too busy flogging himself and suppressing natural urges, all the while he places himself in a compromising position by becoming the Bachelor and canoodling with 26 attractive women.

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