Lamar Odom Falls Asleep During Custody Case Hearing but It Doesn't Mean He Doesn't Care

Lamar OdomHopefully, it's not a case in which if you snooze you lose, because snoozing is just what Khloe Kardashian's man Lamar Odom was doing today at a New York courthouse. It happened during the child custody case between him and Liza Morales, the mother of his two children -- Destiny, 14, and Lamar Jr., 11. While attorneys argued about details regarding the child support and visitation, Lamar decided to take a nap. Yes, right there in the courthouse.

According to the New York Post, the Los Angeles Clippers player fell asleep on a "hard, not-so-comfortable courthouse bench". When an officer saw him, he approached him and asked, "Excuse me, are you okay?" When Lamar said he was okay, the officer told him, "I need you to sit up." Busted.

Beyond just being embarrassing, this isn't exactly the way to portray himself as a man who really is interested in his children's lives, now is it?

Who knows if the incident will have an impact on the case. It was a pretty unfortunate time to be caught snoozing. However, he did just fly across the country to be there, so we should give him somewhat of a break for jet lag; and the attorneys were arguing behind doors elsewhere, so it's not like he was napping in the midst of all the action. Also, I generally think he seems like a nice guy who cares about his kids a lot.

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Still, to fall asleep when something so important is at stake just doesn't look good, especially when Morales seems to be fighting with everything she has.

She published a letter today on The Daily Beast, in which she details how devastating Lamar's marriage to Khloe was for her, and how she tries to keep her children sheltered from the constant Kardashian buzz, but has found it difficult.  She wrote:

As I continue to move on with my life, it can be difficult to avoid hearing about the Kardashians day in and day out.

But I do what I can to ignore the constant chatter and I try to keep it from the kids as well so they can have a life that is as normal as possible.

So there are plenty of hurt feelings and big issues at stake here, including whether their children can appear on any reality shows. So Lamar needs to be on his toes ... or least awake.

When a final decision will come is unknown at this point, but hopefully it will be what's best for the kids. And whatever happens next, let's hope Lamar knocks back a little more caffeine before showing up when it does. 

Where's the most embarrassing place you've ever fallen asleep?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Honestly, I think he was just tired. He's been playing every evening and practicing when there isn't a game. Lamar, I forgive you.

Nelli... NellieAthome

Really stretching for content aren't yo Ms Ryan Evans? How can you look yourself in the face knowing you are collecting a salary for maligning a man for no reason?

gridi... gridironsmom

My Uncle fell asleep at his oldest daughters wedding. LOL. Its on video. Poor guy was so tired that just sitting down relaxed him too much.whoops!

Mommy... Mommynwife26

I don't blame him. Jet lag, lack of sleep plus stress from this id probably fall asleep too

chech... chechimansmama

I don't blame him either. Plus I heard he fell asleep on a bench outside the courtroom. Not while the custody hearing was going on.

abra819 abra819

You women are hilarious! And I'm sorry, but this dude is so frickin ugly.

Jscot... Jscott1216

Wow yeah cause his looks totally have everything to do with the custody hearing you idiot!

Anyways, like everyone else said the poor man was tired and stressed I'm sure he didn't sit down and say hmmm I don't care about this so ill just sleep here. Sometimes you writers are complete idiots!

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

What a surprise, another misleasing title from CM! Have you ever had to go to court for something? You can sit outside the courtroom on those benches for HOURS waiting for your case to be called. It's not as though he was asleep in front of the judge for goodness sake.

And, abra819- your comment makes you look like an idiot. What does how he looks have to do with ANYYTHING?

BeSwe... BeSweet707

Abra819 lol I agree

Mia Suarez

holy fuck someone i knew fell asleep on a bed in a bed store while their wife was looking around,started snoring, farted like a horse scaring people and then fell off the bed and broke it and then was asked to leave after the wife smacked him.

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