'Bachelor Women Tell All' Recap: Sean Lowe Gets Called Out for Lying

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Well, The Bachelor Women Tell All special is officially over, and now we're all officially even more confused as to who was and who was most definitely not sincere during Sean Lowe's journey for true love.

And surprise, surprise -- everyone's favorite villain, Tierra LiCausi did return for the festivities, and she turned on the crazy as expected, alright -- but as it turns out, she may not be the wackiest gal in the bunch.

Wait a minute. Scratch what I said about Tierra turning on the crazy. She really didn't pull anything unexpected out of her sleeve tonight at all. She still thinks her sparkle lights up a room in a way no one but her can understand -- and all of America still thinks she's nuts. (Seriously, what else is new?)

But now most of Bachelor nation thinks another one of Sean's front runners may not be playing with a full deck either.

Duh, I'm talking about AshLee Frazier. OMG. What is up with that girl? First she leaves Sean without even letting him explain his reasons for letting her go -- and tonight she flat out calls him a liar? What gives?

Who else was struck by just how awkward Sean's conversation with AshLee was tonight? The little exchange they shared where she accused him of telling her he had no feelings for Catherine and Lindsay, something he adamantly denied, was one of the most uncomfortable few minutes in the history of Bachelor Women Tell All history.

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And at this point, I'm honestly not sure who to believe, though I'm leaning slightly in Sean's favor. Truth be told, if I didn't know I was watching a reality TV show, I would've thought I had accidentally switched the channel to a daytime soap opera. Call me crazy, but something about AshLee and Sean's little talk seemed almost scripted or rehearsed. (But that kinda stuff NEVER happens on reality TV, so that can't be it.)

OMG. While some of the women at least got a little closure after hearing from Sean tonight, AshLee most definitely didn't. And something tells me she's never going to let Sean live down kicking her to the curb.

But maybe after he puts a ring on someone's finger on the Bachelor finale next week, she'll finally get the message and accept that she simply isn't "the one."

Were you shocked by AshLee's accusations towards Sean? Who do you think is telling the truth?


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Cheri Lee Burge

I believed Sean - AshLee was lying - you could see it in her face - she just wanted to make him look like a fool = just like she felt when he sent her home

Bonnie Neal


Humphreys Kim

yes she was and he never told her that yes she is hateful i like tierra

Cheryl Elliott Feltman

I think Ashlee made a fool of herself and she just wanted Sean to look bad. I do not for one minute believe he told her he had no feelings for Catherine or Lindsey. If he had told her that she would be in the final two. Cmon now Ashlee, her sob story continues! I was impressed with Des tho, I have always been on Team Catherine, but Des was so delightful and gracious tonite...now i'm beginning think she might have been right...he made a mistake letting her go. Only the future will tell. Good luck to Sean and whoever the lucky lady is.

nonmember avatar Roxanne

I think from Sean's reaction that he did say something. His blinking increased and he started flushing -- probably what he said was our relationship is completely different from anything I have with the other two ( or that's what he meant) but she heard only that it was different and if he followed it up with how great he thought she was-- her confusion is understandable. And being hurt/ angry is understandable ... Ben stormed off when he was rejected... Why does that make her terrible. And speaking of Tierrable--- engaged in January???? How long was she back??

nonmember avatar Jennifer

The other trying they didn't emphasize was her comment that when she would tell him she loved him, he said, I will tell you that everyday! What?! I believe her! Some thing was alluded to in that fantasy suite!

nonmember avatar annie

I don't think he said those things to Ashlee. I think she wanted to hurt and embarass him for her rejection!

Fondue Fondue

Sean started looking nervous and shifty when AshLee was calling him out.  I think there was some truth to it.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I think AshLee was telling the truth, Sean was not expecting her to call him out. I'm glad she did, good for her, that will help her move on and that's probably why she was so upset when he let her go. But really how many of these relationships really last anyway?

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