‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Extended Trailer Features More Sex, More Violence ... and a Bear (VIDEO)

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Game of Thrones season 3 trailerOkay, Game of Thrones fans, desperately waiting until March 31 for the season 3 premiere, we've got teasers of trailers, an actual trailer, and now an extended trailer. After the official 60-second trailer debuted on Jimmy Kimmel, HBO took it upon themselves to add a solid 20 seconds of additional footage -- and yes, it worked, damnit. We're geeking out.

There's more sex, there's more dragon footage, there's ... a freakishly angry bear. Tyrion is able to out-wit his sister Cersei with cutting one-liners once again, Robb Stark gets it on, Jon & Ygritte get it on (hoping she'll say, "You know nothing, Jon Snow" before doing so), and that awesome song, in case you're wondering again, is "Bones" by MS MR.

But still, things also certainly don't look good for Brienne, huh? She's such a badass, though. What will season 3 have in store for her?

You know you want to watch. Here it is!

Just be careful when you head to the comments sections of any Game of Thrones season 3 news. As a brilliant YouTuber notes, "The comments are dark and full of spoilers..." You really, truly don't want to spoil what happens this season with one mistaken click!

There simply is so much they have to get through to tackle A Storm of Swords, it was such a good decision to split the book into two seasons. Already there's so much going on, and it looks like, for those of you who watch the series for the sex and violence, there will be plenty of that on the way too. (What? Of course, you only watch for the riveting plot points and complex characters.) Seriously -- can't wait to see what happens. If they come out with a two-minute extended extended trailer next week, of course, we'll watch and pick that one apart too.

But let's just hope that King Joffrey finally gets what's coming to him this season!

What do you think of the extended trailer? Looking forward to the third season?


Image via GameofThrones/YouTube

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dekumama dekumama

I'm almost done reading the third book now and wow, just wow. This season is going to be killer. 

nonmember avatar Serena

Desperately waiting is right! I just watched extended trailer I left my office at DISH and almost had an excitement induced stroke, lol. And if I didn’t get one with how geeked out I was today, I know I will when the premier airs on the 31st. I will be visiting my folks then, but I can still watch it with everyone else thanks to my DISH Hopper. It lets me watch live TV as well as all of my DVR recordings right on my phone, so regardless of where family obligations take me, I never have to worry about missing any of my favorites

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