Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes Run Into Each Other & You Won't Believe What Happens

brandi glanvilleAfter what feels like eons of Twitter fights; years of shit-talking in interviews; and decades of public bashing, Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes finally came face-to-face at a baseball game for Brandi and Eddie Cibrian's son recently, and guess what happened: Nothing.

The two women who have pretty much built careers insulting each other ignored each other when they finally had the chance to hash things out. LeAnn and Eddie sat in the dugout (what?), and Brandi in the stands, and yep -- not nary a hair extension was pulled. A child's baseball game isn't the place for a cat fight, no, no, no. But man, says a lot about these ladies: They're both way more comfortable talking crap.

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Brandi and LeAnn's feud, to use a Kardashianism, is "on another level". It's ridiculous. Immature. Out of hand. Everything. Of course, Eddie and LeAnn shouldn't have hooked up when he was still married, etc. etc. etc., but that's not even what it's about for Brandi and LeAnn anymore. In fact, I don't think it's about anything. Their fight clearly is just the thing that keeps them both in the news (hi). It doesn't seem like either woman has any desire to ever work things out or to ever make amends. It seems like they just want to go on fighting, even if they don't know what it's about.

Again, I'm glad an all-out brawl didn't break out at a kids' baseball game, but I am a little shocked that nothing transpired between these two ladies despite all the nasty things they've each said. It makes you wonder: If they can coexist in the same physical space, why can't they in the media? Profound question.

What do you think of LeAnn and Brandi's fight?


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Theresa Lucke

she did the right thing ignoring them ..maybe eddie bringing leann there ..wasnt the best choice but Brandi acted like a lady forher son 


Kim Cutlip

Yes the right thing was done  As far as Eddie bringing LeeAnn she is his wife and should be allowed to enjoy spending time with him and his kids 


Lea Anne Meers

Glad nothing happened at the game..But im still waiting to hear,when Brandy beats her ASS!!!! Just sayin..What LeeAnn did is low,and if she doesnt like the bull crap being said about her, she should of thought of that,before she layed herself down with somebody elses husband..And yes I hope someone comes along and puts ol Eddie boy down to!!

Rosemarie Zegarski

The both of them ought to grow up. These are two adults who are acting like school girls. Give it up and continue living your lives remember there are kids involved.

nonmember avatar Victoria

They have been at tons of games together over the years, both boys play baseball and soccor! They are also in "blended family therapy" with Eddie, it's public knowlege. At this point the fight seems to be LeAnn is a spoiled child start used to getting her way and wants Brandi's kids all to herself just like she has Eddie (Brandi isn't even allowed to have Eddie's cell phone number LeAnn is so controlling and insecure). Brandi just wants LeAnn to back off her kids, stop trying to call herself their "mom" and let her co-parent with Eddie. Plus, LeAnn is crazy.

yaya776 yaya776

Very proud of you Brandi,thats a class move


nonmember avatar Deb

Wouldn't it be civil.... if just ONCE... JUST ONCE... Leann Rimes didn't call the paparazzi with the schedule of Glanville's children's sports matches? Yes, it's proven. Rimes has been caught several times. She calls the same pap every time, to photograph her and Brandi's children at soccer. Then Tweets afterwards Something along the lines of "tired of paps laying in wait". The kicker, she called them on the wrong day. Paps were at the children's playing field waiting, she arrived in full makeup and heels, but no game. The park was empty. Just Rimes and her paparazzi. The photos were everywhere. She Tweeted too soon. Glanville caught her out on Twitter as did the other REAL mothers on the teams. No one wants her tabloid paparazzi on the playground sidelines. Better yet, just let Cibrian attend a match without her. They only last an hour. PS: Hideous outfit. Rimes obviously took quite a time assembling this contived casual mess. They both look bad really, flabby bums.

Jessie Ong

i think it is only in social network that the supposedly war goes on...esp. if brandi is provoked  when eddie refused to go the parents meeting of his sons and only act when brandi put it in twitter... is leeann insecure because she is always present during the former couple's children activities?  i also observe that she love everything brandi that leeann now looks like brandi clone?  is eddie's type of a woman really like his first wife that leeann starve/take laxative to be slim?  if eddie really love her now wife, chubby (she's more beautiful when she's chubby) or not, there is no need to change yourself if the man you married really love you.... just sayin...

nonmember avatar chazzy

Come on people. All this shit happened years ago, and Brandi just keeps harping on this over and over again. Who was Brandi before all this. Leeann has a beautiful voice and she seems like a great person. I don't see her telling evey rag out there all that went down. Ur getting child support have a job well I guess u can call it a job. Just everyone go on with ur lives

stara... starandseen

At least nothing happened, forward their kids' sake. Either that or they are afraid to face each other in public. It's easy to fire insults at each other from behind a keyboard and protection of cyberspace, but to have an actual face-to-face confrontation is an entirely different matter.

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