Kristen Stewart Could Be Scaring Girls Away From Robert Pattinson

kristen stewartSo you cut your foot on some glass, eh, Kristen Stewart? Are you sure that's why you were on crutches at the Oscars? Personally, I was never satisfied with KStew's sheepish "I'm an idiot [who stepped on something sharp]" explanation as to why she was hobbling through the Academy Awards. But I'm even more suspicious now that Robert Pattinson's co-star in Cosmopolis, Sarah Gadon, has opened up about why she "kept her distance" from RPattz during filming.

Can you guess why? Here's a hint: Just imagine Kristen Stewart hobbling after a pretty blonde, waving her crutch menacingly.

Yes, apparently the lovely Gadon stayed as far away from Pattinson as possible because she was afraid of a possible "backlash." Says the actress:

It’s terrible for him because I take my work so seriously, obviously, and so does he. It’s not like you would ever compromise the integrity of your work by doing something ... at least I never would. I’m boring that way.

Sure, Gadon could be referring to a "backlash" from the legions of rabid Twi-hards who adamantly refuse to picture RPattz and KStew with anyone besides each other, but I think Stewart's crutches and "bruises" at the Oscars tell a very different tale, don't you? Kristen Stewart is NOT afraid to fight for her man, and by fight, I mean fists and elbows, not hurtin' words.

Do you think Kristin Stewart is scaring girls away from Robert Pattinson?


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twili... twilightsbella

Well if she is do you blame her hes hella hot

Punki... Punkindrublic

Where did you pull this crap from?

Ally Swarrow

His looks alone would be enough to scare me from him.

Irene Cooper

Good for Kristen! She has been Hated by the Haters long enough. I'm not saying I believe she was, or even would be physical with some other woman over Rob. But ehh she is human. As I've said before and I'm saying agian
"Leave them alone!They are humans and they deserve their privacy as individuals & as couple(if they are one still." Seems this site is all about KStew & RPatz in the negative ways. Why not focus on alittle bit of positivity! Both are incredibley talented & YES beautiful people. I wish them both the best. AND sooner rather than later I hope people Back OFF!!! Just Sayin'

Michelle Chapman

hey this just in sources are saying robert pattison is pregnant with kstew baby.............lmbo

nonmember avatar Dani

everyday it seems this website has another article trashing KStew and they just get more ridiculous by the day. Get a real journalism job, and write about things that matter.

Jessica Carden

I want A job like this do you really get paid to write this stuff
okay so Stewart cut her foot on glass while beating A girl over Robert they then broke up got together broke up and both are using and having coffee with anyone they can think of for a rebound I don't like Stewart but she is not this bad and her acting is okay she kind of makes the same exp for everything and Robert is Robert hot as can be and does a great job in his movies I think everyone should let them figure it out and stop using your sources b/c they don't know what they are talking about

privateD privateD

I personally am sick of those people who continue to put this young talented women down & are just cruel! Don't you have something better to do? Guess not. Soooo sad. She is HUMAN! So is Rob! Leave them alone and they will be back together! I am a big fan of her and Rob. Yes, I am an older fan. These two young people are just trying to make the movies they want to and I am very happy about that. They also try to lay low, that is their personalities. We all have our own. I feel for her. Hey, everyone makes mistakes! You all think hers is that bad, read about other peoples that really affect others even worse, like the killings and alcholism and drug abuse within some couples or just individuals! Think about it!!! She is Nothing like anyone of those things! It's time to let go of the hate, insults, and LIES! I support her.

Shirley Sorrow

I support Kristen also.  I have most of her movies and she is a terrific actress.  People kept putting down her acting or lack of and I wanted to see for myself.  I was facinated by her depth and intelligence.  The funny thing about this article is the mention of integrity.  You do understand the meaning don't you?  Your made up stories and fairy tales certainly lack integrity, good judgement and class.  Unfortunately some people believe anything they read as truth.  For them I would recommend reading a good fiction book.  It would be based more on truth than your articles.

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