New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Deleted Scene Shows Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner at Their Hottest (VIDEO)

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Taylor LautnerWith the recent DVD release of Breaking Dawn Part 1: Extended Edition, Twilight fans have been lucky lately in the deleted scene department. First, we gawked over the missing sex scenes. Then we laughed at the big bonus dance scene. Well now, take a deep breath, because we have our hands on another deleted scene and in it -- Robert Pattinson's gunning for Taylor Lautner!

In the clip, things seem to be getting pretty intense between Edward and Jacob before Edward lunges at Taylor in a fit of rage. What caused the big brawl? Well, you're gonna have to watch to find out.

Whether you're Team Edward or Team Jacob, you're going to LOVE this.


Hey -- if I was Rob I'd be angry too. All those wolves coming for them with Renesmee inside? Not. Okay.

To think, here I was thinking that the Twilight movie was fine as it was. Can you imagine how epic it would have been to watch a full-on brawl develop between the film's two cutest characters? If I had to put my money on anyone, it'd be on Taylor for sure. The second he turns into a wolf, well, it'd be over.

What do you think of the intense deleted scene? Do you think it should have been included in the movie?

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Susan McLaughlin

oh it definitely should have been in it, it just makes it so much more an issue... I mean come on, like it's supposed to be a surprise at the standoff outside that Jacob imprinted... no way, personally, there should have been more of the emotional stuff in it... They cut out way to much and they added some back (loved the food bowl scene) but they should have added more!

Debra Anduaga

i don`t tbink they should have deleted any of the scenes, they all were great. whats the big deal if the movie was 8 minutes longer fools!



nonmember avatar Jaime

You obviously have never seen the movie, otherwise you would have known why Edward was so mad at Jacob. It had nothing to do with the wolves outside. That was already going to happen. Edward was pissed that Jacob imprinted on his daughter. You can tell from the lack of dialogue that Edward read Jacob's mind and that's how he knew.

nonmember avatar Cynthia Garon

I think they should put a movie together including all the deleted scenes, it would go like hotcakes.

Pamela Haines

He did not attack him because he was mad. He attacked him to keep him safe. If you listen he says something about he is going to get himself killed.... It was really light. Edward has never really had an issue with Jacob other then with One lovely woman. I think during the whole time Edward seems to be happy knowing his little girl has another protector. Mind you Edward is not a fool. He knows what imprinting is and what it means since he already lives in the same world as Jacob. His daughter will love no one else and neither will Jacob. So if you had decide between your little girls happiness and joy and the Jacob dying. You really think Edward would do that to her. No he attacked Jacob to protect his little girls happiness and honestly to protect a family friend. I wish they had left in all the scenes I just watched... except maybe the ride home after party and woods scene.... the rest were way to important emotionally.

Pamela Haines

Ok watched it again.... dude tonight... protect him... or protect them.... as he leaves the baby and Jacob in the hands of his sister.  No it is all about keeping Jacob alive... or atleast that is what I get from it.  Jacob will give his life to protect Esma.... Remeber that is what imprinting does... he has to be what she needs him to be...period...even a deffender.

Sarah Fellows

Deal with you later lol so funny love edward

Cecilia Fransiska

taylor i love you forever ,, you very very handsome .. i love you

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