'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Phaedra & Kenya's Feud Heats Up in Hollywood

Real Housewives of AtlantaIt was off to Hollywood for the ladies this week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and we all know how well things go when Housewives travel together. Tonight felt like a big build-up to what's going to have to eventually blow between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore.

First though, the whole group of them pissed off Miss Hollywood NeNe Leakes big time when they were beyond fashionably late to a dinner party she threw for them. They were to be the guests of honor for the event that started at 9 p.m., but they didn't arrive until nearly midnight. NeNe was justifiably pissed and sent them packing without even letting them in. "Go eat the nail polish off your nails," she said. Gregg at least gave them an antipasto tray for the road.

NeNe didn't stay mad for long, but the grudge Kenya and Phaedra have against one another over the booty workout video only grew deeper. Kenya says she's still waiting for an apology from Phaedra, which is so not going to happen. The "new Zen Kenya" claimed to be trying to be a nicer, kinder person after her health scare, but true colors are true colors ... and hers can't help but shining through.

Besides some barbs to the cameras (Phaedra saying Kenya got her booty at Home Depot), things were going pretty smoothly until Porsha Stewart had to go and bring up the booty videos, which was just a big giant stir of the pot. Kenya announced the name of her video -- "Booty Boot Camp" -- but when Phaedra was asked the name of hers, she refused to give it up. Point taken.

Then conversation turned to Walter, and Kenya announced she broke up with him. When Porsha piped up to say he'd been at her party and had a fantastic time, Kenya was visibly upset. "Really, bitch?" Kenya said to the cameras, and really, it was a pretty bitchy move. Instead of getting into it, however, Kenya just stormed off.

NeNe followed her, and Kenya told her she's going to "f#cking punch Phaedra in the face." So much for Zen Kenya. Next week the ladies head to Las Vegas, and my money is on some kind of serious smack down between the two, with Porsha Stewart perhaps jumping in for added fun.

Oh, and an interesting side note: Kandi Burruss said Kim Zolciak stole her baby's name! She said she'd told Kim she wanted to use Cash, and when she found out Kim used it, she was shocked. What a thieving bunch.

How do you think things between Phaedra and Kenya will end?


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

NeNe was right to be pissed. That was very inconsiderate of the other ladies. I would've done the same thing to put them in their place. Also, if the story about Kim stealing Kandi's baby name is true, then Kim probably ended up doing Kandi a favor in the long run. Cash is a trashy name. Kandi can think of something better.

nonmember avatar Sherry

Nene was right about asking them to leave...Porsha was a troublemaker. She was targetting Kenya obviously. It appears that because of this, Porsha's controlling husband situation will be addressed next episode. I agree with fleurdely's comment about the name cash...I have no words for it. Just glad Kandi won't be using it.

nonmember avatar leilagt

Nene was right but this woman annoys me to no end.. she is just the true epitome of ghetto. No matter how far she gets in life she'll just be a ghetto bitch... she definitely could have gone about that in a different way.

Kristine Ullemeyer

Shame on all the girls for being late for a dinner. NeNe and Greg worked hard to make it a nice evening ... Shame... Shame. Kendra always leaves in a huff. There are pills for that Kendra.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

How in the world did Kandi have the nerve to be angry and rant the way way she did???? NeNe and Gregg paid money to host a dinner party and they show up 3 hours late! They know they were wrong..hell they asses wouldn't have gotten wine, cheese and fruit to go.

nonmember avatar Setra

I was glad to see that NeNe didn’t stay mad for too long, but somehow wasn’t too surprised that Phaedra and Kenya were still not happy with each other. I was at work at DISH when this was on so I recorded it on my DVR. My roommates and I set up our DISH Hopper to record up to six programs at once, during primetime. This way there were no arguments over what to watch.

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