Lindsay Lohan May Go to Jail Thanks to 'Incompetent' Lawyer (VIDEO)

Lindsay LohanPoor Lindsay Lohan. The embattled child star and one time "it" girl can't catch a break. The latest news is that Judge Jim Dabney, a California judge handling Lohan's reckless driving and lying to police case, lambasted her New York-based lawyer Mark Heller, calling him "incompetent" to practice law in California and telling her she better get a new lawyer or sign away her right to a competent attorney.

She is going to jail if she is not careful.

The case stems from a crash last summer in which Lohan allegedly crashed her car on the way to film the movie Liz & Dick. She is then accused of lying to police by saying she was not driving. See below:

The judge basically reamed Heller for 10 minutes on his disregard for California procedure.

Lohan is walking a tightrope here if she wants to avoid more jail time and hiring an "incompetent" attorney is not the way to avoid it. What is she thinking?

It is hard to keep track of all the cases pending for Lohan, but she is also accused of violating her probation on a separate shoplifting conviction. She will have to agree to serve at least 90 days in a lockdown rehabilitation facility, which -- let's face it -- probably won't solve her issues.

Lohan is on her way to becoming a Hollywood legend. And not in a good way. The charges are coming one after the other. She is constantly making horrible life choices. Her drug use is spinning out of control and the last time she made a good movie that was well received was ages ago.

Stop, Lindsay! Hire a decent attorney. One who is licensed to practice law in California and knows the system well. Clean yourself up. Go back to work (if they will have you).

No matter how much trouble Lindsay gets into, I can't help thinking of her as the adorable little girl from Parent Trap, all freckles and spunk.

You know things are bad when Charlie Sheen offers to mentor you, which he recently did with Lindsay. Sigh.

There are really only two ways this Lohan story can go. And only one of them involves a happy ending. She needs a new lawyer and some self respect, stat.

Do you think Lindsay's story will end well?


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Mason... MasonsMom503

Finally some jail time for that brat!

laris... larissalarie

Her finally going to jail and serving some real time WOULD be a good "ending" for her and the pubic. That's unlikely to happen considering what she's been allowed to get away with so far.

cleo_... cleo_is_mine

Are you serious with "the girl can't catch a break" ???

She's BEEN catching breaks, any regular folk acting like her would be in jail 10 procedings ago.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

"Lindsay Lohan May Go to Jail Thanks to 'Incompetent' Lawyer"

ACTUALLY Lindsay will go to jail thanks to her continuous breaking of the law. She needs to just go away.

retir... retirednavywife

She deserves to go to jail.  She lied to police and she was driving the car.  It's not her lawyer's fault.  It's hers for being stupid.  She probably hired him thinking the judge would overlook the fact of where he is from.

belly... bellygirl

Send her to jail!!!!  

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