Kristen Stewart's Sulky Face on Oscars Night Was All Because of Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

Kristen StewartWe might finally have the real reason why Kristen Stewart looked so scowly and sulky at the Oscars -- and it's not because of her crutches, or her knock-down-drag-out with Liberty Ross, nor even because she always looks that way.

No, maybe it's because Robert Pattinson apparently didn't text her that night! Harumph! Don't you hate it when a guy doesn't text you back?

Reportedly Rumoredly, Kristen was expecting her on-off (on? off?) boyfriend to text her while she was at the Oscars, saying something about her presentation with Daniel Radcliffe. Blabs a source to Hollywood Life:

Kristen Stewart was VERY depressed at the Oscars. She thought Robert Pattinson would at least call and congratulate her but he didn’t at all. She kept her phone near her and checked it for texts but they never came.

Oh, man. That's gotta suck! Doesn't matter who you are, when you're waiting on a call or a text from a dude, and it doesn't come, it's enough to make anyone scowly, sulky, and looking like standing on the Oscars stage with Daniel Radcliffe is the last place on this planet you'd like to be. Well, most of us could have probably faked it. But this is Kristen 'PermaScowl' Stewart we're talkin'.

I'm surprised she didn't bring the phone with her on stage. And, like, check it right before she opened the envelope. And right after. And during.

Kristen, Kris, Krissy, darlin' ... you cheated on the guy. He's halfway around the world now. He's detaching a bit. Maybe because he doesn't trust you anymore, ya know? Dig?

I wonder if he ever texted her? Apparently Rupert Sanders did. So, at least she's getting some texts. Just not the ones she wants. Poor KStew. Hey, maybe Rob's phone ran out of juice. It happens.

Is this the face of a girl who didn't get a text?


Image via YouTube

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nonmember avatar blue

I have never seen her face look any different then that. I'm pretty sure that's just the only thing her face can do.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

How is that look different from any other day? She never makes any expression as far as I can tell.

tuffy... tuffymama

I'm starting to think she just has Congenital Bitchface. Some people do. Sufferers of Congenital Bitchface may look like unhappy, condescending snobs catching a whiff of something unpleasant, but they're really just normal folks with an unfortunate affliction.

surro... surromama

Where do you people come up with this shit. I really love CafeMom, but I'm so sick of these stories, I'm done. I've been wanting to unfriend/unlike whatever, for a while, but I actually like the site so I've kept it. I actually spend way more time on the other end, talking to Mom's. Anyway, I give up. Its like you just pull stories out of your ass. How could you possibly know her problem was a text. Yeah, no way possible its from pain due to an injury obviously in a painful location and she's wearing heels. You people would have tore her apart no matter what she was wearing, who she showed up with, any facial expression. Yes, i'm a huge KS fan, but its not only the KS stories that are driving me away. I will unlike now so these are no longer in my feed. I know you all don't care, but I wanted to vent.

Kali Snead

I don't care what happens to them but they are good for each other I understand that she cheated on him but give another chance doesn't matter what a girl did to there boyfriend the guy cheats too so they both are wrong but if they were married then I totally understand because you said your vowls:)

June Gates Norton

or maybe she was just in a lot of PAIN from the nasty cut on her foot that forced her to use crutches that people really are amazing with the nonsense you come up with

Holly Ann Salazar

I would look like that 2 if I was in as much pain as she was.. You all need to get a life!

Alycia Rice

the woman next to her has the same expression but you only notice kristen? get a hobby seriously...

Crystal Gordon

You are being ridiculous. The only person that would know what the deal was that night or any other night would be Kristen. I know I wouldn't have a big ass fake grin on my face if I had a gash on my foot. She made it and I give her kudos for making it. angry

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

why dont you people get a real job? is this all you could find in the "help wanted" section by tearing people apart? K. Stewart is a human being with feelings. Just because she made some terrible mistakes, don't we all? Forgive and move on I say! Let the girl &
Rob live their own lives without people like you writing trash. Hit the want ads for real employment instead of trying to ruin other peoples lives!bad

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