Mila Kunis Finally Reveals the Truth About Playing Ana in '50 Shades' Movie

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mila kunisFor a while there, we really believed Mila Kunis might be on the shortlist of contenders being considered to play Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Didn't matter that she recently dashed most fans' hopes by telling Allure earlier this month that she's uncomfortable going full-on nude for a role. Didn't matter that E.L. James said -- once again! -- that they're a "long way from casting." Mila lovers were still crossing their fingers that she'd get a crack at the role.

Well, now we can all bury ALL hope of that ever being the case, because at a London press conference for Oz The Great & Powerful, Mila laid Fifty Shades of Grey casting rumors about herself to rest. For good.

A member of the U.K. media must've pressed her about the flick, and Mila said:

Gosh, this Fifty Shades of Grey thing is just not gonna leave is it. No, you will not see me in Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm so sorry.

Apparently, then her Oz co-star Zach Braff quipped:

If I could cast a spell, I'd cast one on Mila to have her do Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe this means I can be in it?

To which Mila responded, "It's all yours Zac, you'd be fantastic in it!" Ha! Too funny. Because Zach Braff as Christian is craaaazy. Not seeing that for sure. 

And although many people could have seen Mila as Ana, I never could. The character is supposed to be so naive, innocent, "pure." A younger actress -- many Mila could pull that off, I guess, but she's too mature for that at this point. Now, whether or not she'd be perfect as the bossy, fiery Chloe Mills in Beautiful Bastard is a completely different story! And one she hasn't rejected yet either!

Are you disappointed to hear there's no way Mila will play Ana?

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Casey Phillips

no i agree with the assessment that she doesn't appear innocent enough. she seems too worldly to play Anastasia. and she looks way older than my pictured image of her would be as well from reading the books.

Maria... MariaRosa1960

I don't think I like the idea of Mila playing Ana in Greys...she was right to stick to her guns about playing a role of total nudity.  She may be crazy..but she has her morals about playing this role. Cudos to Mila.. I really like this actress and she has a right to turn down this role. 

Who knows...most movies made from great books usually suck.  That is because, as you read them, you have your own imagination and you have your picks in your minds so when Hollywood picks the wrong person, automatically, you get disappointed.  And not only that...they cut so much out of the books to keep within budget for the movie. So..I really do hope that I will not get that much disappointed with the movie. 

Kay7684 Kay7684

I loved the books and to be honest I am looking forward to seeing the movie, but right now, am sick of hearing about  it, just make the movie and let us then decide if it matches up to what we imagine.

Valeri Jones

@Kay7684 - I agree completely!!!! Just shut up and show it to me already. I'm tired of hearing who may or may not play in it.

T-baby Cabrera

On behalf of ALL the female and male population that read, loved, and reread the books, JUST FLIPPIN TELL US WHO IS CAST! .. sincerely, all of us 50 shades of fu#%ed up fans

Kat Hicks

I never thought of her as Ana material. Mila just doesnt fit the part. I see Natalie Portman perhaps.

catar... catarina2112

No I'm not. Besides, i never imagined her as Ana. For me, the perfect Anastasia is Felicity Jones. Mila doesn't seem very innocent and pure as the actress who will play Ana.

nonmember avatar Emma

Nope. She didn't fit the part anyway. Thank God she didn't get the part.

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