'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout & Ryan Edwards' Chemistry Could Get Them in Hot Water

ryan and maciMaci Bookout seems to be one of the most down-to-earth Teen Mom stars. Sure, she's had her ups and downs in relationships, but the drama has been minimal -- no rehab to speak of, no abuse allegations, basically nothing remotely resembling Jenelle Evans' love life. You gotta adore her for that! But, at the same time, she seems to have the tendency to juggle the attention of several different guys who are often exes. Hello, trouble!

As far as we know, Maci Bookout is still seeing boyfriend Taylor McKinney ... Although, she did tweet on February 10 that "long distance relationships are evil." So, maybe there's a little trouble in paradise? And if that is the case, it's possible baby daddy Ryan Edwards saw an opening for him to step in and start flirting up a storm with his ex. Oh yes, he did.

Apparently, Ryan was tuning into Maci's radio show, Ask Maci, and tweeted, "What's is the number to call maci on the radio." She quickly responded, "dont even think abt it.... unless benny wants to talk!" Aww. If it wasn't about Bentley, then, what on earth was he planning to ask her on the radio, I wonder? The guy did propose via Twitter not long after breaking up with his girlfriend Dalis Connell! Maybe he thought he'd put Maci on the spot on the air?!

At any rate, there's obviously still chemistry between Benny's parents. And while having a friendship is fab for their little boy, I feel like Maci would be wise to keep her distance until she's sure what she wants to do.

It's easy to slip back into flirtatious banter with an ex. To enjoy getting attention from an ex. But usually, indulging in anything more than strictly platonic chatter with an ex is a recipe for disaster. You realize you're slipping back into an old pattern or reliving the past when what you really want to be doing is moving forward -- probably, nine times out of ten, with someone else!

Sure, it may have been an issue of the timing not being right, but Maci clearly vetoed the idea of getting back together with Ryan by beginning to date Taylor. Maybe the long distance relationship is tough, and maybe it won't work out in the end. But hopefully it doesn't drive her closer to getting back into an already broken relationship.

Do you think Maci should steer clear of flirting too much with Ryan, or is it only a matter of time before they get back together? Do you try to avoid similar encounters with your ex(es)?


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Valeri Jones

I would like to see Maci and Ryan give it another shot. It was, like 4 years ago when they were together and they were teenagers then! Very few people make high school sweetheart relationships last. They have both matured a lot and I think they might be more successful if they tried again!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Ryan and Maci are both better being just friends and being good parent's too there son because being in a relationship isn't healty.

nonmember avatar mel

Oh ..he was such a douche. Such a douche.

Maci deserves better and to be treated well. Ryan never had to when they were together. Idk that I d want to deal with Ryan and by the looks of it I don't think she does either. I think that's crazy that people want to see them get back together. If you have watched the show - I think you'd be turned off to him for good.

Torra... TorranceMom

Maci & Ryan's chemistry already got them in hot water . . . his name is Bentley.

nonmember avatar Ella

Maci is the one who's always been in love with Ryan and can't let go. She strung Kyle along, all the while unfairly pining over her ex. On the other hand, Ryan has clearly been into his more recent relationships in a way he never was with Maci. He even blatantly stated on one of the specials that he was never and could never really love Maci... they only lasted as long as they did for Bentley. I think he's immature and she's more immature than she realizes... and they're never getting back together, nor should they.

nonmember avatar lulu

Euh Ella how about you don't know everything, how about you should stop making allegations about people you don't know. I vote : it is their business. If Maci and Ryan want to get back together as a legit couple good if they don't good too, above all they should be happy and get along in order to make Benny happy. End of story.

popta... poptart0325

If Maci and Ryan decide to get back together, that's their decision. I do believe it's something they should keep away from Bentley, if they do, because you don't want to get his hopes up. I've always thought that Ryan was kind of an ass to Maci, but maybe he's changed in the last few years.

Nicole Alvarado

It's only time till they get back!! And shoot Ryan has grown up and doing better I wouldn't count him out!!

nonmember avatar Alexis

I would love to see Maci and Ryan get back together. Others are entitled to there own opinion though.

Holly Dorsey

I think they should give it another chance because when they were together it was a really long time ago and they have both grown up since them. If they both still have feelings for each other then they should try not only for their own happiness but also it would make Bentley's life better.

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