Kourtney Kardashian's Ruining Her Relationship by Spending Too Much Time With Her Kids

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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian and her boo Scott Disick haven't exactly had a cookie-cutter relationship. The couple has two kids, aren't married, and are constantly on the go trying to keep up with their reality TV-driven existence. But I've gotta be real -- on this season of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, we've gotten to see that Kourt doesn't exactly dedicate much time to hang out with just Scott. You know, couple time.

In an upcoming ep, we see Kim confront Kourtney about the whole issue, saying that if she didn't start spending some more quality time with her hubby instead of her kids, he could cheat on her.

Hmmm. I never thought I would say this, but Kim actually makes a really good point.

No matter how much you care about someone, you need to have some solid quality time together to make a great relationship really work. I'm not only talking about going out to dinner or seeing a movie together, either. I'm talking intimacy. It's a huge HUGE aspect of any partnership, and when it's missing, usually it's because there are other things wrong elsewhere. Plain and simple: Showing the person you're with affection makes them feel appreciated and loved. When that affection is missing, that's unfortunately when cheating happens.

For Kourtney, she's very very focused on her kids and I get that. But she loves Scott, and for the two of them to make their relationship last, she NEEDS to show him she cares more often. I know Kourt and I aren't exactly besties (although sometimes it feels like we are), but something tells me that if she doesn't step up her love game and give him a fifth of the attention she gives her beautiful kiddos, the two of them may never tie the knot.

Do you think Scott would cheat on Kourtney? Have you ever been in a similar situation?


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nonmember avatar blue

If a dude CHOOSES to cheat, it's his fault. If you want to be with someone else, end the relationship and move on. Let's place the blame in the correct place.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

According to Scott, they've had sex twice in the past three years. He's said that he feels like she keeps him around only so she can get pregnant. 

I'm not saying that you need to have sex on a daily basis, but JEEZ! Anytime he goes out, she's so harsh on him. I don't think she trusts him. 

Mason... MasonsMom503

He's such a douche! I wouldn't want to spend time with him either!

curly... curlygirl31

He does act kind of like a douche, but she needs to still needs to spend time with him if shes going to keep him around or let him go if she doesnt want him. Sometimes i think his and her behavior is only for the show. Maybe they act different in private. Hes is pretty good looking just the way he acts makes him seem not very appealing.

Cynthia Parten

I do agree that a guy should not cheat if the relationship isn't working. But if Kourt continues on this path, it's probably inevitable. I haven't seen the show in a while, but when I did watch I was surprised to find that he wasn't a total ass. Kourtey spends all her time nagging him, criticizing him and rejecting his sexual advances. I don't even know why she is with him because it doesn't even seem like she likes him, let alone loves him. She definitely needs to show Scott some appreciation.

maf_225 maf_225

From the few shows I have seen he can't be a jerk and she treats him like her 3rd child. She talks down to him, tells him what he can and cannot do, and basically only wants him for children..at least that's how it comes off. Cheating is wrong, there is never a good excues, but if she keeps this up he is going to stray he will look for attention and affection some where else..you can't just cut someone off and only give it when you want it

sssdnm sssdnm

He is kind of a jerk and she's kind of a bItch so it works lol. But she literally doesn't want to spend any time with him! I would feel neglected if I were him

nonmember avatar Notori Bay Bee

I don't think scott would cheat on her. He must really love her because seriously what man is gonna stay in a relationship like that. They don't sleep together, they don't have sex, they don't have alone time and go out as a couple without the kids. He must really love her. She doesn't seem like she wants him. I know as a women, kids or no kids you gotta make your man happy and pleasure him. But if anything he would leave before cheating.. I think.

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