'DWTS' Rejected Emily Maynard, But Emily Maynard Thinks Otherwise

Emily MaynardIt seems like whenever Bachelorette Emily Maynard is mentioned in the media, she gets two different stories. The real story and the fabricated one that I'm guessing she personally releases to make herself look better. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh. Sorry, Emily.

Most recently, I'm hearing that Emily "desperately wanted" to be chosen for this season of Dancing With the Stars -- but didn't make the cut. And ouch, that's got to sting a little bit. Especially since former Bachelor alumni like Jake Pavelka and Melissa Rycroft have both made their way to the dance floor in the past.

But our favorite southern Bachelorette didn't let the rejection rumor sit for long. It seemed like only moments later, there was a very positive spin released about this DWTS rejection. And I'm not buying it for a second.

According to a "well-placed source," it was Emily who turned down the DWTS gig. Riiiiiight. The source confessed:

She had the option of doing it. Up until about two weeks before the deadline, she was in. But she ultimately turned them down.

Well played, Emily Maynard, well played. Here we have two totally different stories revolving around the same topic -- which one do we believe? Well, I'll tell you one thing. If ABC really wanted someone from The Bachelor, the big money would be this season's star Sean Lowe, who is already rumored to be on board. Why would they ask a former contestant when they already have the current Bachelor? Well, they wouldn't. And I'm sure they didn't. Do you see where I'm going with this?

But chin up, Em -- there are plenty of other reality shows in the sea.

Do you believe Emily turned down Dancing With the Stars?

Image via ABC

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Jelsey Pierce

Hell yeah I believe she turned it down. Stop making people out to look like the bad guy. It's tacky, an tasteless and reflects poorly on you (the author). Go find a new job. 

Sandy Brooks Skrehot

Tacky, tasteless journalism.  Whoever authored this needs to get a Life.


Cheri Lee Burge

Emily didnt turn ABC down - they turned her down - anyone who wants fame as much as Emily does would not turn down any chance to put her face on the TV screen

Rachelle Maison Zebro

She was turned down, but the little miss southern belle just isn't up for the rejection..get over yourself Em you are not all that..

Ellen Hawk Franklin

DWTS turned her down.Go back to being a mother and stop wanting fame all the time.How does it feel to be rejected? Ha!!!!

Donna Zimple-Harmon

Were sick of seeing Emily!! She's just a fame whore!! then to hear her hittin on Sean, saying she regrets not choosing him- I went thru the roof. He's trying to choose his new life and in steps EMily!! gO HOME AND STAY THERE!! Were SICK of EMILY!!!!

Sharon Musick

No he is shallow and fabricates stories that accomadate herself. She needs to go home with her child!!!!!!!!!! Not be a fame seeker. Leave Sean alone you rejected him let him be happy

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