Jason Hoppy's Still Wearing Wedding Ring & It's Driving Bethenny Frankel Insane

jason hoppyI gotta hand it to Jason Hoppy -- he's one dude who really knows how to play the sympathy card. He and Bethenny Frankel filed for divorce back in December, and throughout all of it, he's managed to look like the good guy. His latest feat? Jason was spotted earlier this week still wearing his wedding ring.

I don't know whether to give this guy a hug or a high-five -- does he deserve our sympathy or our congratulations on manipulating the entire situation? I think you know what side Bethenny comes down on ...

A source told RadarOnline that Bethenny's pissed he hasn't taken off his wedding band:

Bethenny just can’t understand why Jason is still wearing his wedding ring! It makes absolutely no sense to her because they have zero plans for reconciliation. Bethenny thinks he’s doing it to garner sympathy and to appear as the wounded party.

Apparently, Jason says he's still wearing the band so that their 2-year-old daughter Bryn doesn't get confused, but as most parents know, a child her age wouldn't notice, care, or question where Daddy's ring went ... leading me to believe Jason's still wearing it for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is getting under Bethenny's skin.

Who knows, though. Maybe he's got a nasty mole on his left ring finger that he likes to keep covered up. Maybe he's still hoping to get back together with his wife. Maybe he's a maniacal media manipulator trying to get everyone on his side.

Whatever the reason, Jason's going to have to shed the jewelry sooner or later ... no time like the present, bro. No time like the present.

Why do you think Jason's still wearing his wedding ring?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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ljmo ljmo

How about he's still married to her and he's a descent guy who doesn't take his wedding ring off til the divorce is final.  Why does there have to be something maniacal about it.  That's her style.

nonmember avatar SocietyLost

Leave the guy alone! Why does the media or anyone feel the need to judge him? Did anyone think that until "their" divorce is final he has every legal, ethical and moral right to wear it? It's called a vow!

nonmember avatar Targetshopper

I wish everyone would leave Jason Hoppy alone, he is an honest man with solid morals, values and faith whos life has been turned upside down by the unstable, bipolar, media whore named Bethenny Frankel- let him take it off when he is ready! Reserve all judgement for the train wreck that used and abused him and then left him flat!

Gwen Emens

Why does she even care. Let him alone to do whatever he needs to do. They did love each other at one time so give him some space. He isn't in the spotlight like Bethenny. I love Bethenny but she needs to let Jason alone.

Roslyn Storms

bethanney shouldn t give herself credit , he is gorgeous , she is just a big mouth , she needs alot to be considered , he still wears the wedding band to scare all the women off

Barbara Schuima

He can wear his ring forever if he wants to. This most likely bothers Betheny because she can't control it. So keep wearing it Jason.....you'll make her head explode !!!!!

Debbie DeMarco Ryan

Sorry to say, but Jason is wearing that ring for show, and sympathy!!!!!


Linda Gonzalez

Jason is, and always has been a good husband to Bethenny. And although, I love Bethanny, I love Jason too. I think she messed up by not keeping her family together. Of course, everyone knew it wouldn't last. Look Jason may be wearing the ring so that he doesn't get hit on or so that no one asks him questions. Leave him alone and give him time to move on.

nonmember avatar Trina

Why are all these comments taking Radar Online at face value, this "inside sources" crap that they pull out all the time to make up their opinions look like facts. Bethenny hasn't said one bad word about Jason during the whole divorce and I doubt she is going to start just about now.

Marjorie Hamburger Sherman

Jason Hoppy is a good man who happened to take his marriage vows very seriously. I think he is not emotionally ready to remove his wedding ring.

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