‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe’s Latest Family Drama Might Make Him Regret His Choice of Finalists

bachelor sean loweHere's something for ya -- Bachelor Sean Lowe offered to donate his sperm to his sister. No, it's not incest or anything like that (but wouldn't that be a twist, huh? Sean Dumps Lindsay/Catherine to Marry & Impregnate Hot Older Sister!); the story is actually quite sweet. Apparently, his sister and her husband have had a lot of trouble conceiving, so Sean apparently offered up his sperm to be used to impregnate a surrogate.

Man, this guy sure is family-oriented. No doubt about that.


Here's the thing -- if this is true and Sean was willing to be his niece's or nephew's father (wrap your brain around that for a second), he'd really need a mature, family-comes-first type of woman by his side who can handle this blended family atmosphere. But from the way things seem on TV, I have some doubts that either Lindsay or Catherine would be up to the task.

They're both lovely people and seem like wonderful women, but they're lacking a little in the maturity department. And that's fine, they're in their young 20s, so I can't begrudge them that, but I'm just thinking -- if Sean's the kind of guy to donate sperm to his sister, AshLee, whom he sent home, might have been a better match for him.

Granted, AshLee's a little, how you say, INTENSE, but at 32, she has the life experience, the sophistication, and the capability to deal with major decisions like these. Plus, she was, like, obsessed with Sean -- he walks on water as far as she's concerned, so you know she'd be supportive of him giving his sperm to his sister. Er, you know what I mean.

Bottom line, who knows if Sean's really offering up his baby batter to his sister, but if he is, well, maybe AshLee would've been the better choice for his wife.

What do you think?


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