Jennifer Aniston Is Planning to Deliver a Major Shock to Fans After Her Wedding

Jennifer AnistonBuzz surrounding Jennifer Aniston's wedding seems to have reached a fever pitch, so she very well could be walking down the aisle before we know it! And hopefully, there will be lots of details leaked, so we get the full scoop on the dress, the cake, the venue, the first dance ... Awww. But, what then, though? What I mean is ... are we going to have to say goodbye to Jennifer Aniston and hello to Mrs. Jennifer Theroux?! It's totally possible.

PEOPLE is reporting that, "She likes the way [Justin's last name] sounds and jokes that Jennifer Theroux sounds very posh." It does ... But does she really want to throw in the towel on Aniston? That's a BIG deal!


To be clear, when it comes to women changing their names once they're married, my stance is to each their own. Everyone has different reasons for keeping, ditching, or hyphenating their maiden name. But I would also venture to guess most women these days question what to do a bit more than ever before. We feel a bit torn. We ask questions and have thoughts like: "Is it really necessary?" "Maybe we can put it off until there are children involved ..." "How will it affect my career?"

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Personally, I love my fiance's last name and feel like I want to take it legally for several reasons, but mostly to send a message to him and the world that we're a Mr. and Mrs., our own little family unit even before a baby is in the picture. But my professional name is a different story. As a writer, especially as one who proudly scored her first professional byline in her teens, I've built a portfolio under my maiden name. So I feel bizarre turning my back on that now. Seems a lot of women in my shoes feel the same way and stick to their maiden name professionally -- or continue to consider it their "nom de plume."

I would think someone like Jennifer Aniston would feel similarly, having created a tremendous body of work and brand, really, under her maiden name. (Not to mention that I'm sure there are some emotions tied up in it as its a name she shares with her actor father.)

Who knows? Maybe she'll make like her BFF, Courtney Cox did when she was married to David Arquette and do a hyphenate ... Jennifer Aniston-Theroux? It's a mouthful. But if, in the end, it's what makes her happiest, then it's definitely the best way to go.

How did you decide to change or not change your last name? What do you think Jen should do?

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