Marc Anthony Beats Ex Jennifer Lopez in the ‘Contest for the Youngest Rebound’

Marc AnthonyYou probably weren't the only one wondering what Jennifer Lopez ever saw in her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. Though they have yet to finalize their divorce, they split back in July 2011, and both have rebounded quite nicely -- and predictably -- since. We all know Lopez, 43, has been dating super hot Casper Smart, who is only 25, for well over a year. Guess rebounds can turn into something long-term after all?

That could be what Anthony, 44, is hoping for. After he split with model Shannon de Lima, he's now dating 21-year-old Chloe Green. She's the British heiress to the Topshop fortune as well as a former reality star; she starred in Made in Chelsea, which was shown in the U.K.

The new couple became "public" and treated Marc and JLo's 5-year-old twins, Max and Emme, to a day at Disneyland. Oy. Still, as cliched as this is, can we really call Marc gross for dating "young" when JLo did the same exact thing?


The first reaction to Marc introducing his 5-year-old twins, who have already been through enough with their parents splitting, to his 21-year-old girlfriend is most likely: Yuck, dude. The woman is young enough to be his daughter. She's barely old enough to have a legal drink. Emme even sat on Chloe's lap during one of the rides (oh, the horror!!!).

But if you're giving him crap for dating someone half his age, guess you gotta give JLo the same treatment? She too is dating a guy a couple decades younger than she is. Why does that seem (just a little) less sketchy?

Maybe it's because 21 seems far more young than 25, for whatever reason. In normal people time, the girl wouldn't have even graduated from college yet. She's just so damn young. Are he and JLo in some sort of competition? Why can't famous people on the rebound date other people their own age? And part of you has to wonder what Chloe, a rich and beautiful heiress, is doing with a 44-year-old man who's got lots of kids and two divorces under his belt. To each their own? I guess? Maybe?

Oh, Hollyweird, you never fail to disappoint. Let's just hope all the kids involved in these soap opera-worthy romances don't turn out too messed up.

What do you think of 44-year-old Marc Anthony dating a 21-year-old woman?


Image via vivaiquique/Flickr

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