Rihanna Files a Restraining Order & You’ll Never Guess Who It’s For (VIDEO)

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rihannaDid you watch Law & Order: SVU last night? It was about Rihanna and Chris Brown! Well, it sure seemed that way, anyway. Two huge pop stars date each other, he abuses her, and I wonder where they got that plot idea. Oh yeah -- he ends up killing her, so ... yeah.

In other news, Rihanna got a restraining order. Wow -- my first thought was, did she watch last night's Law & Order, too? But that's unlikely. What if -- oh no, did Chris attack her again? Horrible! I knew he'd do it again eventually. Good for her for protecting herself. RiRi, we warned you about that guy...

Oh wait. I got it all wrong. The restraining order was against a deranged fan.

Not a fan named Chris Brown, by the way, in case you were wondering. No, this was some nutter who broke into Rihanna's neighbor's house thinking it was hers. A man named Steveland Barrow allegedly stole a few things and then slept in the bed he believed Rihanna slept in. EWW! Creepy. He was arrested, then released on bail. And now he can't be found. So that's kind of scary.

But it's like the whole world now is trying to get Rihanna away from Chris Brown. I mean, there's a few Chris Brown fans who want us all to forgive and forget. But I really feel like if there were a Gallup poll on Chris and Rihanna, 80 percent of respondents would say they should break up because he's probably going to hit her again.

It doesn't help that they've both been so defiant about the whole thing. It's like engaging in an abusive relationship is the hot new way to be edgy and bad-ass. (I'm old. Those aren't the right words anymore, are they? You know what I mean.) And it drives us nuts!

But I feel like the more Law & Order and everyone else in the world try and tear these two apart, the harder they try to stay together. And can I just say, going by the segments I've seen, that episode was unbelievably cheesy! If Rihanna and Chris Brown saw it, they probably just laughed their heads off. I almost think we should back way off and ignore them for a while. We are SO not helping.

What do you think about Rihanna's restraining order?


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littl... littlebeanmom

Rihanna's top is very very see through. awkward...

nonmember avatar Taylor

The only thing Chris is going to kill is a dance floor with Rihanna proudly watching her man get down.

Mommi... MommietoJB

Who really cares?Its her life. She could do so much better but if she gets hit again its on her this time. I hope next time they fight she doesnt do a cry for me interview with Diane Sawyer again.

waffl... wafflesmom7

I have a brother that beat up his girlfriend years ago,he honestly never did it again.I know that there are cases where that can happen,I do hope that this is one of those times.Let them be.All the hating has gotten beyond old and tired.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

i would just like to know how you said Chris Brown name more than the person who she actually got the restraining order on?

Craft... CraftyJenna

Taylor- that comment is asinine. 

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