'Bachelor' Sean Lowe May Be Getting Married Much Sooner Than Anyone Expected

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Sean Lowe

Well, well, well -- it sure sounds like he's sick and tired of the whole "born-again virgin" thing. A new report claims that Bachelor Sean Lowe is planning a "quickie" wedding with his fiance not too long after the Bachelor finale airs.

Yep, supposedly Sean and his sweetie are planning on tying the knot this summer, making their engagement one of the shortest on Bachelor/Bachelorette record.

And if this rumor is true and they do already have wedding plans in the works, it's only natural for us to assume that they're rushing things because they can't wait any longer than a few months to get busy in between the sheets, right?

Ok, ok -- a "source" claims, "They're getting married quickly for love, not for the sex. He's head over heels for her, and he wants to share that with the world."

(Sure he does.)

If they aren't getting married right away so they can finally get it on, then why in the heck are they in such a hurry to seal the deal?

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If I had to guess, I'd say it's because of the lousy track record of most Bachelor/Bachelorette couples. Other than Trista and Ryan Sutter, and Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum -- most of the show's romances fizzle out before they even get started. The longer couples drag out their engagements, the less chance they seem to have of actually making it to the altar. It totally makes sense that Sean and his chosen lady want to make things official as soon as possible.

But still, I can't help but think they are making a mistake by rushing things along instead of taking more time to really get to know each other and be a couple without any cameras following them around. They need to see if they really fit well into each other's day-to-day lives before becoming husband and wife. (Or at least that's what any two sensible adults would do.)

And one more thing -- who else thinks Sean and his fiance need to take a "test drive" in the sack before getting hitched? (Me! Me! Raises hand.)

Do you think it's a good idea for Sean to get married right away?


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Tiffany Nielson Snedaker

There's nothing wrong with a short engagement or waiting for sex and marriage. I had a short engagement and waited for marriage and my hubby and I are going strong 9 years later. Best of luck to them. :)

Tammy Murrell

There is nothing wrong with him getting married so soon. Just everyone is so nosey about everything. So but out and let them live a happy life. What are you guys all jealous

nonmember avatar Cathryn

I like the idea of them getting married. If the live separately it will most likely be in different states. That is extremely hard on a new relationship. At least they respect each other enough to say I do!!

Sandy Brooks Skrehot

What a pessimist this author is. Maybe they want to get married because they are in their late twenties and finally found someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with and don't see any need to prolong the dating process/engagement process. When you know it's right, then why wait? That doesn't mean it has anything to do with what you are thinking, and even if it does, isn't that their business? At least they will be married.

Sharon Stenberg

I really wanted him to pick Ashley and was so hurt for her when he sent her home. I can't wait for her to confront him on Women Tell All. I hope he is happy but I still think he kept the two women that are not ready to settle and have kids. But time will tell.

Holli Lynn

I see nothing wrong with it there very happy together.

Carol Cromer

Both of them are old enough to make this decision without any commentary from the rest of us.


Edna Ruth Harrell

I don't think it is anyones business what they do.

Julie L Hewitt

I think they should definetly wait, what's the rush? They are young. Half the time, when they get back to reality they realize they are not meant to be together anyways. Good luck.

Dee Newberry Hull


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