'50 Shades' Writer Reveals How 'Raunchy' Her Next Book Will Be

50 shades of greyYes, we all love this Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. I too enjoy a good conversation about who should play Christian Grey and what actress could handle all that on-screen playfulness. The reality is, though, that the books have been out for a while now, and I don't know about you -- but I'm looking for something new. Something adventurous. Something ... just as playful.

Yeah, I could look to some steamy romance novel, but I want the next big thing. Which is why all of us Fifty Shades of Grey fans are in luck because E.L. James says she's thinking about her next novel. But there's a catch. A big catch. One that is totally unsexy and makes me wonder: will anything ever top the original?


E.L. told the New York Post that her next novel is going to be tamer than Fifty Shades of Grey. "It won't nearly be as raunchy," to be specific. I'm all for exploring your writing style and trying new things, I get that. Come on though, James! You've made fans. Fans who adore your flirtatious writing. Fans who want more!

The other thing I can't get over? She may have been joking, but James told the New York Post that she may write her next book under another name! Really!? If she really means it, what's the point of having such an awesome bestseller and earning all that clout just to start over fresh? Fifty Shades of Grey has sold more than 40 million copies, for crying out loud! Don't you want to work off of that?

Sigh. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what's on tap for E.L.'s next book. Raunchy or not, there will never be another Fifty Shades, and hey, maybe there just isn't meant to be.

Do you think E.L. James should write another book with a Fifty Shades vibe? Or would you rather see her do something different?


Image via Emily Abbate

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