Rupert Sanders Texting Kristen Stewart Again & Her Response Is Priceless

kristen stewartIf this rumor is true, can't say I'm surprised Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up. Or are in the process of breaking up. Or will break up some time in the near future. You guys: Rupert Sanders has reportedly been texting KStew. Non-stop. I know, right?!

According to Radar Online, ever since Liberty Ross filed for divorce from Sanders, he's been getting in touch with Kristen via text and email, telling her that he wants her back. But Kristen, whose relationship with Rob is currently "up in the air", wants nothing to do with Sanders.

So why doesn't he stop texting? Take a hint, dude.

First off, I'd like to commend Kristen for ignoring Sanders' supposed advances. According to a source, for Kristen, "that ship has sailed", and "she regrets ever getting involved with him." Smart move. But as for Rupert -- gross. Clearly, this is a disingenuous knee-jerk reaction out of his wife leaving him. Obviously, there wasn't anything "real" between him and Kristen. It was a momentary lapse(s) in judgement that resulted in one of the most notorious cheating scandals in history. These two ought to have nothing to do with each other. And he should know that Kristen is all about Rob, and isn't going to have any of his "I want you back" crap. He needs to come correct. 

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I know the masses are divided in terms of liking Rob and Kristen back together (I believe President Obama is against Team Robsten), but personally, I'd love to see them stay together. Why not?! And Rupert getting all up in the mix is going to decrease any chance these crazy kids have of making it. Not to mention, this is a creepo move if there ever was one. So get to steppin', Rupert. As the lady said: This ship has sailed.

What do you think of this?

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nonmember avatar Kim

Rupert Sanders is disgusting and pathetic. I hope his wife takes everything from him, including his children. Men who destroy their families for some young booty are about as despicable as it gets. In my book, they're right up there with child molesters and rapists - total wastes of oxygen who should be shot between the eyes like lame horses.

nonmember avatar Karen

I think they are both to blame for the scandal but a guy wouldn't keep texting someone if he wasn't getting some kind of encouragement. I don't think she is as innocent as they want us to believe if this story is true

nonmember avatar Tawnya

Karen, have you ever heard of stalkers and sociopaths (sp?) plenty of them could give two sh*ts whether the other reciprocates. They can become delusional and obsessive. Hopefully you don't end up in a situation like that. It is down right scary, and the possibility for violence is there. A lot of people in these situations get dismissed and ignored until it is too late.

Barbara Belcher

Karen I agree with tawnya, Kristen Stewart should put a restraining order against the man, before it gets out of hand!

I hope this is not the end of her and Robert . I hope this is just another stupid rumor going around. People should leave the two alone and maybe they can work things out.

Sharon Gibson Mullins

are you kidding me..really you guys cant come up with anything better than this...all i can say is stop hollering a source close to this person or that says something show me some proof i dont understand how you can print this crap and not be liable for it..

Jessie Ong

well, he's free now, isn't he? there's no need for kristen to run after rob now that rupert is free.

nonmember avatar no worries

Reason why kristen is ignoring Rupert is because Kristen is frightened of him.

Rupert has been infaturated with Kristen for years before the film of snow white & the huntsman.

He is very conviencing & a smooth talker & a very good bullshitter.

She did what she did because of fear of Rupert. She wanted that film working with over with. He had those pictures taken because he wanted kristen living in fear because he knew what it would do to her career. Like he did with Liberty. He wanted a Liberty dependant on him only like she can't make it outside their home without Rupert taking care of Liberty. To where Liberty let her career go down because Rupert wanted it that way cas he is very Controlling. Now he tried it with Kristen but it only backfired in his face because Kristen true love is only for Robert always has been.

Rupert put Kristen threw hell messing with her head to where she wanted her life back & far away from Rupert as possible. It was a Nightmare from hell with Rupert constantly harrashing Kristen and not leaving her alone to where the fear was unabelivable. She just wanted to do her job & get it over with and far away from Rupert.

You all have NO clue what it is for a woman to be controlled to be in fear of a man & who is your boss to boot who can make your life a living hell.

nonmember avatar Cassiopeia

Hey.. Hey.. Hey! Stop that crap! Every human being commits a mistake in his or her life. Why? Are u that perfect to expect that everybody wants to feel the same way? So leave Kristen alone. She's amazing no matter what the f*ck u say to her people. :P

nonmember avatar Gwennie

I think it is a lot of bull. A couple of months ago, the same "sources" were saying that Kristen was texting Rupert to "comfort him." I think most of these "sources" are one person--probably at the desk next to the first dipso that put the story out--because the story at all the sites are identical! Must be a slow news week!

Angela Zabel-mckee

kristen loves rob and she dont want no one els


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