Rupert Sanders Texting Kristen Stewart Again & Her Response Is Priceless

kristen stewartIf this rumor is true, can't say I'm surprised Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up. Or are in the process of breaking up. Or will break up some time in the near future. You guys: Rupert Sanders has reportedly been texting KStew. Non-stop. I know, right?!

According to Radar Online, ever since Liberty Ross filed for divorce from Sanders, he's been getting in touch with Kristen via text and email, telling her that he wants her back. But Kristen, whose relationship with Rob is currently "up in the air", wants nothing to do with Sanders.

So why doesn't he stop texting? Take a hint, dude.


First off, I'd like to commend Kristen for ignoring Sanders' supposed advances. According to a source, for Kristen, "that ship has sailed", and "she regrets ever getting involved with him." Smart move. But as for Rupert -- gross. Clearly, this is a disingenuous knee-jerk reaction out of his wife leaving him. Obviously, there wasn't anything "real" between him and Kristen. It was a momentary lapse(s) in judgement that resulted in one of the most notorious cheating scandals in history. These two ought to have nothing to do with each other. And he should know that Kristen is all about Rob, and isn't going to have any of his "I want you back" crap. He needs to come correct. 

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I know the masses are divided in terms of liking Rob and Kristen back together (I believe President Obama is against Team Robsten), but personally, I'd love to see them stay together. Why not?! And Rupert getting all up in the mix is going to decrease any chance these crazy kids have of making it. Not to mention, this is a creepo move if there ever was one. So get to steppin', Rupert. As the lady said: This ship has sailed.

What do you think of this?

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