Taylor Armstrong Makes Most Shocking Confession in ‘Real Housewives’ History

taylor armstrongDespite the fact that cameras are there to catch just about every scandalous moment that takes place in their lives, the Real Housewives still try to hide their dirtiest, most shameful secrets. They cheat, lie, and sabotage one another and still act as though we can't see what is really going on. So given all of that, I find RHOBH star Taylor Armstrong's recent no-holds-barred confession super exciting. It's actually more revealing than anything fans have seen so far this season.


Anyone who has watched the show this season knows that Taylor was a train wreck in progress. Everyone noticed that downward spiral. You know it's bad when Kim Richards, who has done three stints in rehab, is calling you out for your drinking. Taylor admitted that she had been leaning too heavy on the merlot to deal with how crazy her life has been in the last year. After all, she does have one of the most tragic storylines in Housewives history.

First there was the clearly troubled marriage between her and husband Russell, the embarrassing financial woes, and then his horrifying suicide. That would be a lot for any woman to bear -- add to that the fact that the world is watching (and judging) and it's a recipe for a monumental meltdown.

That's not all. More shockingly, Taylor confessed to something no other Bravo star has ever owned up to. She admitted to being incredibly jealous of co-star Yolanda Foster. As her life literally fell apart, she hated seeing the outrageously rich and happy Dutch model and her perfect family. Wow. Finally some real honesty. I doubt Taylor's the only one battling the green-eyed monster, though. Well, this purge seems to have done her some good. She says she is happy, healthy, and focused on the future for her and daughter Kennedy. Our fingers crossed for you, Taylor.

Can you believe Taylor was so open and honest?


Image via Bravo

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