Lisa Vanderpump’s ‘DWTS’ Gig Makes Other ‘Real Housewives’ Furious

Ken Todd and Lisa VanderpumpThe hot new color for Real Housewives this season is green -- bright, envious green. Apparently plenty are sporting it as a result of Lisa Vanderpump's new Dancing With the Stars gig.

She's the first Housewife to land a role on the hit show, but she's not the first to want one. From Kim Richards, who has reportedly been "begging" for a role on the show, to Gretchen Rossi (who would have been meh), Teresa Giudice (can you imagine?!), and Heather Dubrow (too boring), there have been more than a few that have tried and failed to get a spot on DWTS. And, of course, with all of those big egos, it's not surprising there might be a little animosity toward the one who bested them all and got one.

A source told Radar Online a lot of the women are furious: "Everyone was kind of fine with not being considered all the time they knew Housewives had been banned from appearing, but now that Lisa has broken that glass ceiling, there are a lot of hurt egos."

And with hurt egos come nastiness and catfighting. The source continued: “There’s a lot of griping going on, and more than one or two women have asked, ‘Who did Lisa sleep with to get on the show?!!’”

Meow. Lisa better watch her back.

Fortunately, not all of the ladies have turned against Lisa. She told E! that both Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards have reached out to her. "I have had texts from Kyle and Brandi has tweeted me and they are being very supportive," she said. And, of course, her husband, Ken Todd, is on her side as well. "He loves watching me gyrate with a 29-year-old man," she said.

All of the Housewives should actually be glad that Lisa's the first to appear on the show. I think she's going to do a really good job, which may pave the way for other Housewives to follow in her dancing shoes. If someone else with less class (and I won't name the many names) had gone first, it may have ruined it for all of them.

Do you think Lisa Vanderpump was the right choice for the first Housewife to be on DWTS?

Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar De'

They picked the one with the most class!

Julia Lynch

you go Lisa, your the best so why wouldn't they want you!

Beverlyann Nash-Gibson


nonmember avatar Sandra Alba

Absolutely.... Best to you Lisa (:

Suzanne Benn

So happy she is the one they picked to help break that glass ceiling. She is such a classy, sassy lady and will bring a lot of shine to the show. I'll look forward to seeing her dance. I hope she wins it all !!!


Angie Whitmore-Dyer

She is also very funny so hopefully that shows too!


Sharon Jung

These housewives really act like little children and have way too much time on their hands. I really cannot see most of them doing this because they act too unprofessional. I hope she does really well.

nonmember avatar clm1975

So why don't you just say who said what? Come out with it, already. Who of the housewives is against her dancing and who said the remarks... Don't start rumors without telling the whole truth

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