'RHOA' Kenya Moore Releases Booty Workout DVD & Shows Just How Low She'll Go (VIDEOS)

Kenya MooreI didn't think Kenya Moore would actually go through with it when she started talking about doing a stallion booty workout video on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I mean after working on Phaedra Parks' donkey booty video, she wouldn't really go that low as to outright steal her idea would she? Well, it seems she would.

This week her "Booty Boot Camp" DVD was released in real life (you can pre-order it on Amazon and everything). We learned early on that she and her 'Gone With the Wind' fabulous self have no shame, but still it's unbelievable that she actually did it.

So now the butt wars of Atlanta have officially been kicked into high gear. The question is: Whose will be more successful -- Kenya's or Phaedra's? 

Personally, I'm betting on/rooting for Phaedra. Her video with her husband Apollo has a much more professional feel, and it was their idea. Plus, they're actually enjoyable to watch.

Kenya on the other hand has done nothing but show us her shady and deceitful side all season, and she's just not very likable AT ALL.  She has the train wreck factor on her side, but who knows if Kenya's butt is even real. Phaedra recently told In Touch it wasn't:

If you’re gonna sell a video talking about bottoms, you need to have one that’s homegrown. I’ve never been altered by plastic surgery. My butt is really my butt. [Kenya’s] is full of silicone!”

So buyers beware. Only time will tell who will win in the end, but I certainly hope to see the donkey kick the stallion's ass.

Whose booty workout video would you rather do -- Kenya's or Phaedra's?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Haha! I rather the donkey booty workout.

That few seconds of Kenya's workout DVD seemed more like a "How to Seduce Your Man" instructional...

waffl... wafflesmom7


Torra... TorranceMom

I'd like to know where Phaedra's DVD was shot - what a view! Although I'd rather have a body like Kenya's, I'm Team Phaedra/Apollo all the way!!!

nonmember avatar Dontplaywithme

Would you rather look like donkey body Fakedra or the snatched Miss Kenya I want some Moore. Kenya's assets are real and Fakedra is just mad because Kenya looks way better and her booty is way flyer than jello donkey Kong fakedras. Team Kenya all the way. What's wrong with taking an idea and making it better.

shell... shellyplatz

I would never support anything Kenya comes out with.

Beth Horne-Bowling

I love Phaedra and Apollo, and I love the new skincare line that's ALL NATURAL!!! Beth's Body Beautiful can be found on FaceBook, and all you have to do is hit 'like' and find out all the natural body butters, cremes, shaving cremes and bath oils they have to offer!!!! Ship anywhere!!! Too good not to use, Beth's Body Beautiful is the best way to treat yourself and your skin!

Deborah Bodeis Ill

Phaedra and Apollo any/every day over Gone with the wind she needs to go Kenya..She is insecure and ruthless and does NOT represent anything I stand for..Get yourself some humility Kenya..it goes a long way

Betty Zam

I agree with most of you! I would never buy or support anything Kenya does. Also, when she comes on, I change the channel. Chica is cray cray in the head. I'd rather support a woman who has worked hard, and continues to do so as opposed to one who is coming up with get rich quick schemes!

Sandra Benezra

I am totally Team Phedra and Apollo. They both have great bodies and it shows because they have improved their own bodies. Also, their video is much more professional. Kenya is just so in love with herself but IMHO she is such a mean and controlling person and because she loves herself so much I doubt there is room in her life for anyone else to love her.

Kristine Ullemeyer

Team Pheadra, But change the name I certainly don't want a horse or dockey butt. 

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