Kristen Stewart Was Lonely & Embarrassed on Oscars Night -- Where Was Taylor Lautner?

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kristen stewartUsually I'm annoyed at how pouty and slouchy Kristen Stewart acts in her public appearances. I mean, no one begged her to be a movie star, you know? Millions of girls would gladly put up with the paparazzi and the designer gowns (!!!) and the Robert Pattinson kisses to be in her place. Would it kill her to smile and stand up straight?

But on Oscars night, I actually sympathized with her. Twilight is pretty much over, apparently she just lost her boyfriend, she's had a rough year, and to top it all off, she couldn't walk! Can you imagine navigating that red carpet with crutches in that long dress? A source told HollywoodLife that KStew was "mortified" and close to tears the entire night. Poor thing -- couldn't she find a friend's arm to lean on that night?

The source says Kristen "thought she looked ridiculous on the show and was really self-conscious." And whether or not those breakup rumors are true, Robert was way over on the other side of the world that night. "It was just a bad weekend, between the injury and being lonely. She felt dumb and was holding back tears the whole night."

Aw, that sucks. Poor KStew. I don't care how rich and famous and sulky she is, that's just one hell of a bummer. And doesn't it seem poignant that she didn't bring anyone with her? I mean, forget not having a boyfriend, doesn't Kristen have any FRIENDS? It would have been sweet to see her walk the red carpet on Taylor Lautner's arm. She should have had a pal there to offer physical and moral support, don't you think?

But that's Kristen's life now. She's a single gal. (Come on, we all know it's over.) She burned some bridges with that Rupert Sanders affair. Her agents are probably telling her she'll never get paid as much for a role as she did for Twilight. She may not be getting many offers at this point. She's kind of starting over, in a lot of ways.

Maybe it's better that she attended the Oscars alone. This is a major moment of transition for Kristen. She needs to dig deep and think about how she's going to move forward on her own two feet (heheh, sorry, you know what I mean). She's a little older and wiser now. Sure she's been hurt, but hopefully soon, when this all blows over, she'll be wiser.

Did you feel sorry for Kristen Stewart on Oscars night?


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

Maybe if she didn't always appear to be such a miserable human being, she would have more friends to support her. And she always could've pulled out of the Oscars. No one forced her to go.

Flori... Floridamom96

Ah, it never hurts to be kind to someone.

nonmember avatar faithful

If any other actress had cut her foot and was still willing to go through with it they would say she was gutsy and heroic, but not Kris, the haters are out in droves saying she did it to get attention. I hate these aholes that will not give this poor girl a break, and I'm sick of it. LOVE YOU KRISTEN

nonmember avatar Pete

She is a complete fraud. Kristen just used the faux "injury" as a way to seek attention & get sympathy. Her and Lyndsay always have drama following them. She wasn't even nominated & she still can't stop fame whoring.

MissF... MissFrenchie

I think her actions and attitude are deplorable but everyone deserves a bit of kindness and compassion when they're going through a tough time. This girl is definitely going through a VERY tough time right now and someone should have been there to have her back. So sad :(

nicol... nicoleeolee

I agree, MissFrenchie:) I am definitely not the biggest Kristen Stewart fan, but c'mon...we're all human beings. It seems kindness has come close to being thrown out of the window. A camera shot of her at the show told me she was definitely not "feeling it"...She definitely needed a friend at her side.

Megan Cady Graham

Pete...she was asked to present an award, how is that fame whoring?  and you need to seriously adjust your TV screen, because you can't even begin to put kristen stewart in the same boat as lindsey lohan.  

surro... surromama

Yes, it would have been nice to see her and Taylor Lautner or any other friends. However, how many of you bloggers would write all your rumor posts, like she's moved on to Taylor or any other guy or girl that she showed up with.

Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

How true, didn't matter what she did, bloggers would still make her the bad guy.

Lulu Collazo

I do care and I am concern about Kristen. She is not family or friend, just a human being to me.  She's gone all out trying to make amends not only with Robert but with those who keep judging her for a mistake she's paid enough.  Are you going to vilified a 22 year old who has done everything  in her power to make things right?  Bunch of hypocrites!  I bet hollywood is full of "cheaters"  who do have the malice to hide it well and never have the decency of saying I AM SORRY! to name a few... Ashton Kutcher, Steven Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Julia Roberts, Heidi Klum, to say a few, cause the Oscars was full of them.  Give Kristen Stewart a chance, for the love of God.  She's been bullied all this time and you know, there's so much a human being can take before really making a mistake.  Self esteem is something you can lose and then tragedy comes along.  AND TO ROBERT, I hope at least, if not romance, you can give her a shoulder and support she sorely needs, so in the future, you can be look back at peace with your actions and never regret not being there for a friend.  As for the comments of hate, Kristen, just ignore them!  You are such a beautiful and talented girl, your time will definitely come.  Keep it up and remember Ben Affleck's words, it's not important to fall, what is great is to go on, fight and rise again!  

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