‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Doesn’t Believe in God & Her Husband Doesn’t Care

kailyn lowryTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry doesn't believe in God, and she doesn't care who knows it. The reality star's new husband Javi Marroquin jumped to her defense earlier this week, though, and tweeted out to fans that he doesn't mind if his wife isn't tight with the big man upstairs. Even though Javi's a likely churchgoer, he's cool with Kailyn's atheism and asks, "Who am I to tell her what to believe in!"

Either these two are in it to win it, or brake screech! Things are going to come to a halt real soon.

Religion is, generally speaking, a make or break deal for relationships. It's difficult to manage an interfaith marriage -- where do we tie the knot? how do we raise the kids? what happens at holidays? -- but, of course, that's not to say that people can't make it work.

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I'm a product of an interfaith marriage, and hey, I turned out fine. Just ask my therapist. Bad um, ching.

But with rumors that Kailyn and Javi are expecting their first child (she has son Isaac, 3, with ex Jo Rivera), the topic of religion will be thrust front and center. Will they circumcise? Will they baptize? Will they take their baby to sit on Santa's lap at the mall?

The prognosis looks good for Kailyn and Javi, though. The fact that they're coming from places of acceptance and understanding is an awesome start. I'm sure there will be a few bumps in the road, but these two will make it through to the other side.

It sounds like Kail and Javi have it all figured out ... at least for the time being, anyway.

How do you make your interfaith marriage work?


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nonmember avatar hasty

It's not an interfaith marriage if one person doesn't have a faith. Atheism is not a faith. It's the opposite. It's founded on reason, not the supernatural.

nonmember avatar Melinda

I'm Catholic and my husband is an atheist and we've been very happy together. He encourages me in my faith and I'm accepting of his lack of faith. He will go to mass with me and wants us to raise our kids in the church because he loves the sense of community even if he doesn't believe in God himself. Sometimes it's pretty easy, but he's a wonderful understanding guy. I wish them the best.

nonmember avatar skipper

It takes a strong marriage to survive different faiths between husband and wife. It almost destroyed my parents marriage but they are going strong after 30 years. I definitely think it is possible.

lobus lobus

Both my husband and I are non religious. I couldnt imagine being with someone religious and vice versa. I considered joining a church just for the social aspect for our kids but my husband refuses. Im not going to waste our precious family time doing separate things so I honestly dont see how that works out?!

pagan... paganmommy4

Not in my house.... Ever... My name says it all

nonmember avatar R L B

I am a Christian and my husband is an atheist. I get up every Sunday morning with our daughter and go to church and he is okay with that. He promised me he would go for dedications, weddings, etc. I promised him that I wouldn't force my beliefs upon him. It works for us.

nonmember avatar Samantha

Atheism is not a faith. It's quite annoying when people think atheism is a religion of some kind. It is not. It's a lack of any religion.

I don't even see why this is a big enough deal to post about. So she puts her faith in science and reason- I think we can all agree that's perfectly normal.

nonmember avatar adrienne

I cannot imagine being in a relationship with someone of a different faith! My husband & I are both Atheists, and that is a big deal to us both! Go Kail for standing up for yourself, and go Javi for being supportive of your girl!!

prist... pristine729

My mother in law is a Jehovah witness, my father in law is not a religious man.

They've been married for 40 years.

Cassandra Huber

It is only make or break if you are a religious loser who can't accept the other's beliefs. In a case like that, you don't deserve to be married. I'm agnostic (former christian) married to a Catholic who left the Roman Catholic church  because it is a breeding ground for hate and sexual abuse.  He still has the basic beliefs and it doesn't affect how we raise our son. We both believe that religion shouldn't be forced onto our son, and it is his decision what path to follow, and we will support him no matter what.

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