Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s Wedding Details Revealed & They Are Totally Bizarre


brad pitt and angelina jolie

So much for small, intimate nuptials with just their six kids looking on. Brad Pitt and Angelina are reportedly planning a lavish wedding and the details are a little bizarre. How over-the-top you ask? Here's a hint -- elephants.

As wedding guests pass through the two-mile-long driveway to the couple's Chateau Miraval estate in the South of France, they will feast their eyes on elaborate water fountains and adorable Shetland ponies leaping around the grounds. According to their florist Lucille Michel, they want to say 'I do' just before sunset.

When guests park, they will be greeted by eight elephants -- topiary elephants cut into the grounds, each one representing a member of the family (apparently this was the kids' idea). It sounds a little out there, but I've come to expect that from what are possibly the coolest parents on the planet. Rumor has it, Vivienne, Shiloh, and Zahara will be bridesmaids, though no word on what role the boys will play. Another interesting detail? They are also spending $30,000 on flowers -- but get this, not cut ones. They will have them planted so that their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will enjoy them and see where they made a promise and commitment to each other.

So incredibly sweet. Of course this all flies in the face of Brad's interview with People. He told the magazine it would be a "simple affair with Angie and the kids." Hmm. Guess the definition of "simple" is different for the biggest stars on the planet. Either way, I am extremely happy for them. They have outlasted most Hollywood couples and appear to have a genuinely loving, caring family. Good for them. If these reports are true, this event sure sounds amazing and quite romantic -- and quite different than the big day being planned by his ex, Jennifer Aniston. Can't wait to see the leaked photographs of both!

Do you think Brad and Angelina will actually tie the knot in May?

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nonmember avatar pru

Aww, Miraval also has a recording studio is where the Cure recorded the album Kiss Kiss Kiss, I believe. I had no idea they were equipped to host a celebrity wedding.

nonmember avatar GaYToR

Congrats to Brad and Angelina for setting the date. I was hoping they would stick to their original plan and not marry until it is legal for everyone to marry in the U.S.
But I understand them getting pressure from the kids and wanting to set the right example. When they are here in New Orleans they are just another family out and about doing the things families do together.

I think this wedding was planned in that same frame of mind. The kids seem to have had a lot of input on the finer details.
Brad definitely practices what he preaches and should be applauded for it. To spend $30K on flowers really isn't that much when you consider their incomes, but to use all living plants in carrying out this flowery part of the nuptials shows he really is committed to a greener planet and I think it's great that the plants will continue to grow for generations of the family to enjoy as the place where Granny and Papaw tied the knot. I'd bet the kids had a lot to say about that also along with the elephants. I wonder how long it took them to talk the kids into using topiary instead of live ones.

I want to wish them all the best and to answer the question, yes I do think there will be a wedding in May.

nonmember avatar dp

Brad and Angie are weirdo's

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