‘DWTS’ Maksim Chmerkovskiy Finally Reveals Why He Won't Be Returning for Season 16 (Sob)

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy Maksim Chmerkovskiy has always been one of the most controversial dancers on Dancing With the Stars. His fiery, passionate, and sexy personality has made him one of the most talked about stars of the show. So now, the news that he will not be returning to the dance floor for season 16 has many fans singing the blues.

Maks, for his part, explains his decision as one he had to make to move his career forward. Of course, rumors have been swirling for years that Maks' tendency to fight with the judges and have little fits was going to end his stint on the show.

Here is what he said about it all. See below:

I've been a pro dancer on the show for about seven years now and am eager to explore other opportunities that have been made possible because of Dancing With the Stars. I'm going to take this time to dive into producing and acting, while fulfilling my sponsorship obligations.

I am not sure what to believe. But I do know, as a long-time fan of the show, I find this disappointing. Maks was one of the main reasons I tuned in every Monday night. Without him I am not sure I have such a pressing reason. He is funny and sexy and the rumors about whether he is sleeping with his partner were always great fun. What is there to watch?

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Is it possible that this fun and exciting show has jumped the shark? Sadly, I think it might be. We have Maks leaving. Julianne Hough is long gone. The "stars" this next season are not exactly exciting and the ratings for the all-star show were not good.

If Tom Bergeron leaves, all bets are off. Because honestly, he is the best host anywhere on TV right now. I would watch just for his natural, quick wit. But I digress.

I will be missing Maks something fierce this year, and I hope that if his greener pastures and endorsement deals and whatever else don't work out, then I hope there will still be a spot for him on the show. He belongs there.

I am not even sure how I can watch the show without him.

Do you think the show will be good without Maks?


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Maryanne Keller

first Julienne and now Maks - love tom Bergeron but after hearing who is going to be on this season ( i mean Andy Dick - REALLY????) i think DWTS is dredging the botton. I will go off soon

Starr Breckenridge Reusser

I always enjoyed watching Maks. What a bummer. You have written a good review and know many will agree with you. Shame on DWTS for letting him go :(

Coles... Coles_mom

....and there went my reason to tune in this season. :(

nonmember avatar lizfromnyc

Maks is a sight to behold on the dance floor. I also noticed that my favorite dancer Chelsie Hightower. Really? why not?

Bloom... Bloomie79

Maks was great for ratings, no way they let him go, his diva behavior was nothing but good for the show. Bummer that he won't be on, but I agree... Tom goes I go!

MamaKat Joyce

He was and always will be my favorite dancer so not sure how the show will be without him...going to really miss him!!!

Nancy Czug Roellig

It won't be the same without him, but I do like Derek and Mark and max's brother. so we shallsee.

Ginny Peluso

   I`m not the least bit sorry to see he and his big attitude/ego  go! Many of his partners should have been voted off Way sooner and were only there way past their ability level because the viewers were voting for Maks. It`s NOT about the pros. it`s about the dancers.

Trish Rawlings

I agree that Maks is a really good dancer etc. but there are a lot of others...I really enjoy the diversity that Chelsea, Mark, Derek and Maks' brother bring because they are new and things need to grow not just stand still. However, I don't think that any MC could replace Tom.

Paula Breisblatt

I will not be watching the show this season, I believe that the show this season will be gone especially now that Mak is not returning.

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