Kristen Stewart 'Happy' About Jennifer Lawrence's Oscars Win Because JLaw Can Save Her

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Kristen StewartIf there was any confusion over whether or not they are really friends or if there's some sort of feud between them, Kristen Stewart cheering for Jennifer Lawrence after her Oscar win should clear things up once and for all. Um, why would she be excited about her big moment if she wasn't friends with the girl?

As entertaining as it is to think about them duking it out in the ultimate Twilight vs. Hunger Games battle -- it appears as though KStew and JLaw are, indeed, all buddy-buddy.

(Aww. They like each other, they really like each other.)

Huh. I guess that means we don't have to worry about Robert Pattinson trading Kristen in for Jennifer anytime soon. (Then again, stranger things have happened.)

So now that we know the rumored feud between JLaw and KStew is nothing but a bunch of garbage -- let's touch on their blossoming friendship, for a second.

Everyone who's anyone absolutely loves Jennifer Lawrence these days, which means getting chummy with her might be the best thing that ever happened to Kristen.

It's no secret that her cool girl image was permanently scarred after she cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders. As sad as it is, it's safe to say she's been pretty much hated ever since the scandal went down -- to the point where some fans may never be able to forgive her.

But wait a minute -- there still may be hope. Since Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood's newest "It" girl, making her the epitome of all things wonderful, Kristen may score a few bonus points simply by being associated with her.

JLaw is awesome, so anyone JLaw likes must be awesome too. And based on the Oscars thing, JLaw likes KStew, so she must have more than a few redeeming qualities about her.

And the fact that she's happy about Jen's success instead of being jealous or intimidated by it speaks volumes about her character too. It would be understandable for any young actress to get a little bent out of shape over JLaw's rise to fame, so KStew must be a pretty genuine gal if she's supporting her.

(Hmm. If she knows what's good for her, she'll stick to Jen like glue from here on out.)

Do you think Jennifer and Kristen are really friends?


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brand... brandee668


nonmember avatar jennifer

Your article is hilarious and speaks volume about bullying. You condemn bullies, but what is the difference between you and those who are actually pointing guns at someones temple? You are a bully and Kristen doesn't need to stick to someones ass just so you can praise her. Remember, she is rich beyond imagination and will remain highest paid actress in Hollywood this 2013.

nonmember avatar Are U Sirius?

Highest paid actress in Hollywood this 2013? What planet do you live in? The only reason why KStew was on that list was because of Breaking Dawn Part 2, her other movies tanked and one even lost money.

This year, all the projects this poor "actress" had lined up have been cancelled or are stuck in pre-production. She won't have any revenue this year besides the BD2 DVD that comes out on March.

Please, wake up and smell the desperation, because that is what KStew is, DESPERATE.

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