‘DWTS’ Julianne & Derek Hough's New Show Brings Out More Drama in Dancing

Hough siblingsMost people who have been into Dancing With the Stars in any capacity know the brother and sister power duo known as Julianne and Derek Hough. The two are easily the best dancers on the show in addition to being just absolutely gorgeous to look at. Both have also either left DWTS or almost left (in Derek's case) in search of greener pastures (movies and TV shows). 

Now, the two are going to team up for Blackpool, a new Starz show that will show the truth about the world of ballroom dancing inside one fictionalized competition in Blackpool, England. Derek says he is excited to show people the reality of the world of dance beyond the sequins and glamour. I, for one, can't wait.

The reality is, the world of ballroom dancing is something few of us have ever seen. It isn't revealed on a show like DWTS and it isn't something most of us have experienced.

Both the Hough siblings grew up in that world, for better or worse. It shaped who they are.

The world is fascinating, competitive, and definitely intriguing. It's like a behind the scenes glimpse at Dancing With the Stars, free from the PR spin. I can't wait!

Of course, that doesn't mean I think the Hough siblings should leave DWTS. On the contrary. I think they need to stick with that world and stay on the show as long as possible. As much as I think Julianne Hough is adorable and eminently watchable, nothing she has done since leaving the show has been nearly as intriguing as her time on the show. She was just great to watch on DWTS. By far the best female dancer in the show's history.

So while it's great that they are branching out into a production role on this show, they need to stick close to the world of ballroom dance. Acting and singing doesn't seem to be where it's at for either of them.

Also, since this is on Starz, this is going to be a good show, like Californication on Showtime or Girls on HBO. It can push the envelope and do things network shows just can't.

I expect big fights, lots of drama, and nudity. Bring it!

Would you watch the Houghs' new show?


Image via ABC

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Jan Olsen Thomasser

Although I might want to watch it, can't say I will. Don't subscribe to Starz network. Sorry!

Shirley Figge

Why can't it be on network TV instead of Starz so more of us could watch it? I definitely would if I could!!!!!!!

Shirlee Sez

Sorry, Hough siblings, can't afford to go up another level on DirecTV...it's a shame you couldn't get a non-cable network to back you...I would if I could but just can't...sorry. But all the luck to you!

Mary R Calhoun

Yes I will ilike both of them.

Lora Stowers Maloney

I agree with most of the others...I don't have the network the show will be on, otherwise I would definitely watch the show. I have always been enamored with watching the two of them dancing together. They are amazing to watch. I'm very disappointed that I won't be able to watch it. I hope anything that can be done to bring it to regular network cable tv would be greatly appreciated my by myself and many others. You are %100 correct when you said they are a "power team". It's just too bad you are stopping so many fans from seeing the show.

Linda Baker

I don't know if I get Starz or not. If I do I will definitely watch...they are always our favorites on DWTS.

nonmember avatar Jean Morris

I will certainly watch anything that these two young people are in..My two favorites..and my whole families.

MomOf... MomOfTwins789

I will watch it! I'm excited! Maybe those that do not get Starz can watch it on ProjectFreeTV?

Jayme Moy

Even though I enjoy watching them, I disagree that they are the best dancers on DWTS.

nonmember avatar Penny

Saying that nothing that Julianne Hough has done can compare to her days on DWTS is ridiculous. She has had a number one album. Won best new artist the year her album came out. She has played the leading lady in several movies the last one very succesful - Safe Haven. She is on a much better career path than DWTS. Diablo Cody was so impressed with her after working with her on the movie Paradise that she wrote a role just for Julianne in her next movie. While you might enjoy her dancing her talent has taken her above and beyond being a low paid dancer on DWTS. You should be ashamed of saying she belongs there.

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