'Bachelor' Sean Lowe May Be Cheating on His Fiance & You'll Never Guess With Who

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Emily Maynard & Sean Lowe

In what has to be the single best piece of ridiculous gossip we've heard in a long time -- Star magazine is reporting that Bachelor Sean Lowe is cheating on his fiance with none other than Bachelorette Emily Maynard

(Oh. My. Heavens.)

Apparently Sean and Emily both recently attended a V.I.P. event at the Bachelor mansion, and according to an eyewitness, "Sean looked so nervous to see her" and "You could see the old sparks were still there."

And then Sean supposedly told Emily that he's engaged, which made her realize what a catch he is -- so she reportedly texted him after the event and told him she regrets not choosing him on her season of The Bachelorette.

And now the assumption seems to be that Emily and Sean are sneaking around behind his fiance's back.

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You know, because they spoke to each other like civilized adults instead of retreating to opposite corners for the entire night.

Ok, I'm going to go ahead and call bullsh&% on this story, because the odds of Sean dumping his fiance for Emily are beyond slim to none. (He's just not that kinda guy.)

But let's just pretend for a few seconds that there is some shred of truth to them still having the hots for each other. Is it really all that unfathomable to think that they'd still feel a little twinge of somethin' considering it hasn't been all that long since they broke up? It takes time to get over an ex, so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if there are still feelings there.

And no offense to Sean's fiance -- but there really is something romantic about the idea of the two of them bumping into each other, rekindling the flame, and giving their relationship another chance. If nothing else, it would make for a great Tell All special with Chris Harrison, right?

Do you think there's any chance that Sean and Emily are hooking up?


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Maria Perretta

That's ridiculous..we have not seen them together...

Carol Cromer

Mary Fischer, use proper grammar  "....never guess.with whom."


annie... annie1005

No way is this true.  Sean is a very respectful man and I can not see him doing this to his fiance.  He would end it first before starting something with Emily.  Emily is NOT Sean's type, anyway and I believe Sean came to the realization that they were not right for each other eventually.   She supposedly was intimate with both Arie and Jef in the Fantasy Suites (this came from both Arie and Jef).  Sean would not stoop to Emily's level.  He has morals that she doesn't have...

nonmember avatar Hispirit

Sean is in love with every woman, he's with.
I think Emily and Catherine have something in common.
Both are the type of girls, you'd like to take home for the weekend.If you knew you could trust Daddy

nonmember avatar velda collett

No but Sean and his pick has already broke up tho i'm sure they will play the part for about 2 months!!!

nonmember avatar velda collett

No but Sean and his girl has already broke up...

nonmember avatar Kat

NO way!! Sean is the not the kind of guy who'd cheat. I'm sure he would have been civil with Emily, but remember he did fall for get and was heartbroken. he's been very honest and respectful to all the bachelorettes. Emily may be beautiful, but girlfriend has issues if she can't find and keep a man!

nonmember avatar Linda

God forbid!

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