'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Roger Teases Jenni With the Promise of a Proposal

Roger and JWOWWThat ring is so close Jenni can almost feel the bling on her finger ... but Roger isn't ready to let her have it that easily. Tonight on Snooki & JWOWW, we saw him select the ring and construct a plan to pop the big question, but not without making Jenni crazy first.

While he made plans to ask her to marry him for real when they go skydiving (definitely memorable and creative), he first wanted to fake her out. So on a random Tuesday night, he told her they were skipping the gym (big first clue that something was up since he NEVER skips the gym) and going out to dinner at a new place. So they got all dressed up and went out to wait for the cab. Only instead of the typical yellow sedan, up pulled a big pink limo.

What else was she to think than there would be a big pink diamond to go along with it?

"I can’t breathe; I’m shaking," she said. "Oh my God, this is it. I’m going to be proposed to."

Only it isn't. Roger's plan was to trick her into believing they're getting engaged. Kind of mean, no? Not viciously mean, but he knows how bad she wants to get engaged, and I'm sure this is going to kill her. Previews for next week show them up in the skydiving plane, and we know he popped the question after that. I just wonder how long she had to suffer between the two.

In any case, we know she eventually got the ring, and they appear incredibly happy together and have worked through so many of their issues. Years ago I would have said they'd never last, but now they seem as solid as can be. Good for them.

As for Snooki and Jionni, they seem to be settling into their new role as parents just great. And how ridiculously cute is Lorenzo?! With any luck, Snooki and Jenni will be pregnant at the same time in the not-so-distant future.

What do you think of Roger's proposal plan?


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Katie... KatieKramer94

Jenni seems to know his humor. I'm sure she will get her hopes up but will be very suprised. I couldn't stand snooki or jwoww on jersey shore. But this series they seem more "normal"? Down to earth? And I don't care what anyone says snooki (nicole) is a great mom. She may have had a questionable past.. but she's solid now.. has her own buisness and a family. Good to see her go in the right direction. Her and Jenni both :)

nicol... nicolemead91

I LOVE JENNI AND RODGER TOGETHER! lol they seem like the perfect couple! u can tell that they really love each other. especially when he took her to Maine to visit his family. i really hope they stay together, they actually do seem more normal and down to earth than on jersey shore! lol

nonmember avatar Christie

I love Roger's idea, I think he does them only a week or so apart so she didn't have to wait sooo long, and I think he did it because that way she wouldn't be thinking it at the time he actually wanted to propose. She has been harping on the "is he proposing" stuff and I think he just really wanted to make sure she was surprised and it wasn't anti-climatic for her. If he had proposed that night, when she was expecting it, it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable for her.

nonmember avatar nicole thomas

hey when is it on again it not on this tues so when is it going to be on were he ask her to marry him

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