'50 Shades of Grey' Author Admits Surprising Ideas About Who Should Play Christian & Ana (VIDEO)

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E.L. james Fifty Shades of Grey may still be at least a year and a half off from being eligible for any movie awards, but that didn't stop author E.L. James from flitting around Hollywood during Oscar weekend. The celebrated writer even attended one of the hugest seasonal celebrations in town -- Graydon Carter's Vanity Fair party. And you care, because it was there that Page Six reports she was basically accosted by an army of agents who were "lining up to meet James to pitch their actors." Whoa!

The usual suspects -- Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill, Lucy Hale, Alexis Bledel, etc. -- better look out! This is proof there are definitely a lot more contestants hoping to win this game than we thought! And that's a reality E.L. James herself seems quite pleased with. Because when Page Six asked her outright about who she wants to play Christian and Ana, she dished ...

We don't even have a filmmaker. So we are still a long way from casting. I have some ideas, but it may not be who people expect.

Oh that Erika! Always with the same "we're still a long way off" token line! But, hey, at least she's admitting now that she's got ideas about casting! And that they're not necessarily who we'd expect! That's gotta be music to those queued-up agents' ears, huh?

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So who is it then, E.L.? Who could we have possibly not guessed by now? Haven't we pretty much thrown just about any possible actor -- and then some -- at this flick? That said, who, then, could be the "unusual" suspect she has in mind?

Oh, hell. Let's face it: We're not going to find out anytime soon! If we've learned anything from this author in the time she's been in the limelight, it's that she doesn't plan on giving much of anything away. So, as antsy as we and it seems all of Hollywood is to get this flick cast, we're just going to have to continue to hold out for our leading lovers.

In the meantime, here's more from E.L. James ... from her entertaining, "10 Most Fascinating People" interview with Barbara Walters.


Who do you think E.L. might have in mind? Who do you think she may have been pitched at the Vanity Fair party?


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nonmember avatar Stormy. Wood

We want Ian. He's the best one for the part.

Lori Lively

I almost feel the same way I do hope Ian makes an adjustment and takes this role I think he'd make an Excellent Christian...

Rachel Siler

Ian Harding as Christian

Melyy Leon

Agreed ^^ If ian is not cast as Christian im not watching it.. He's the perfect christian so before to take him off my mind by watching the movie i'll just prefer to not watch it :(!

Melyy Leon


Marilyn Mendez

I think tha if EL James was inspired in Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, also Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, they should be Christian  Grey and Anastasia  Steele.  Both have a perfect quemistry and both were doing sex scenes.  So Kristen Stewart, said that she preferred to do a nudity althoug than dance. Other thing Kris will made On the road, and did a topless, I guess that did another movie that she have a role as a stripper.  For other side Robert said that he will like to do a pver orno movie....what more cluess that E.L. James need to think  to consider Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for her movie.  I know that both are or gonna break their a couple relation, but does that will be another things to be atractive to the fans to see again their actor and actress together again, and who knows maybe both discover that they are in love, and the movie is the drop on the glass of water that both need to be together again like a couple.....E. L. James think about it......Love one of your readers admires, Marilyn Mendez ( I was read the Trilogy 3 times and I start again to read it, I love this books

Kate Cooley

Kristen Stewart has already said no to this. Also she said "EW!" because it's creepy. And she's right!

Barbara Michael

Ian Somerhalder of course....and Annalyn McCord for Anastasia. perfection!

Shelley Huie

It absolutely has to be Ian..and I have to agree with some of the other comments, if it isn't him that is cast as Christian, then I won't watch the movie.

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