Kailyn Lowry Pregnant With Baby No. 2? MTV Sure Hopes So!

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Kailyn Lowry For a few weeks now, we Teen Mom fans have been wondering what exactly is going on with Kailyn Lowry and her husband Javi. Yeah, yeah, they're married and planning a bigger wedding when he gets back from tech school -- we know that. I'm talking about all this hinting at the fact that their family's growing, making us think that Kailyn may be pregnant.

First, Javi tweeted that their family was growing. Then, Javi tweeted yesterday that him and his wife have some "big news," and on the Teen Mom after-show, she confirmed she wants more kids. But really, how adorable of an older brother would Isaac be?

I'm just gonna say this: If Kailyn does have a bun in the oven, not only is she gonna be an excellent mom to baby No. 2, but MTV could totally have another spin-off on their hands. In my mind, Kailyn's one of the only Teen Mom stars who could REALLY handle one.

Sure, Kailyn doesn't have a squeaky clean record on Teen Mom -- but now the MTV star has all her ducks in a row. She's committed to her husband Javi, she has an awesome relationship with her son Isaac, and she's living proof that having a child during your teenage years doesn't mean "life is over."

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I think in the scheme of things, Kailyn is a good role model. She's easy to relate to. She's not out partying all the time. Personally, I would love to see how she handles Javi being away for Air Force training and the dynamic in her home. Plus, considering that Teen Mom 2 may be cancelled -- this could be the perfect way to fill that void.

I guess we'll just have to gear up for this "big announcement." Something tells me, though, that if she's not pregnant now -- she will be not long after Javi's back home. The two of them just seem WAY to excited for children to wait.

Do you think Kailyn is pregnant? Would you watch her spin-off?


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Amy Adams

Leah had another baby they did not give her a spin of...I think we need to just take Jenelle of the show and let the others keep filiming.

Amy Adams


nonmember avatar Allie Martinez

I agreed Janelle needs to go. I hate shows like these anyways. But using other people and their emotions to make a show is shitty!

Rachel Fuller

I hope Kailyn changed for the better since this season on Teen Mom. She comes off at jealous and bitter towards Jo's new gf...very unattractive behavior

nonmember avatar Kristi

I think she will be a great mother and I agree jenelle needs to be off the show she don't even take care of her baby!!

Jenny Leigh

Im 29 years old and have three kids and Kailyn has her head on her sholders better then i did when i had my first child.. She is a great mom and i would love to see a spin off on her..

nonmember avatar Crystal

I LOVE Kailyn!! Yeah she got a little jealous, but that was a given. Jo wasn't just some guy she was sleeping with he is the father of her son. Doesn't make it right, but no one can pass judgment for that. We are all human. & I'm sure we have all been jealous at one point or another.I like Javi for her. I hope she's not pregnant just yet, but if she is then more power to her & YES I would definitely watch that spin off!

nonmember avatar Heather

I feel like this show has gotten away from its original message: that it's supposed to be HARD to be a teen/young mom. None of these girls are "good role models"; they keep getting married/divorced, bringing different men into their kids lives, popping out more kids and have been through the court system before they're old enough to drink! Have ANY of them actually completed any schooling beyond the 12th grade? This series was supposed to deter young girls from getting by showing how difficult it can be to care for toddlers when you're 19. Instead, MTV is paying them TONS of money and they're glorified by tabloids. This is NOT a realistic perspective for viewers and none of them are "good role models" for any young women - at least I hope my daughters never follow in their footsteps!

nonmember avatar jenn martin

Kailyn is a great mom im happy that she married javi and honestly coming from a mother of five after everything kailyn has gone through and not having anyone i would say she is the best mother ihave seen on this show im proud of her

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