'Walking Dead's Andrea & 5 Reasons We Should Stop Hoping She Gets Eaten by a Zombie

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Andrea Walking Dead
If you had to name the most irritating character on The Walking Dead, who would it be? Rick, who's losing his marbles, or Michonne, who never stops glowering, or -- okay, I'm totally kidding with this pretend debate stuff, because the answer is totally Andrea. Andrea is by FAR the least likable part of the show. Your argument is invalid.

Poor Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea, is highly aware of how we feel about her character. She knows Andrea is a beloved character in the original comics, she knows we were mostly rooting for her at the end of season 2, and she knows how much we all HATE it that Andrea has been playing tongue-hockey with the Governor. She even knows we hate Andrea's thong.

All Holden asks is that we give Andrea a chance. EVEN THOUGH IT'S HARD. From this interview with Vulture, here are 5 important things to understand about her oh-so-disliked character on the show:

Andrea saw a different side of the Governor than the viewers did.

He is pretty charming. There’s a few things people don’t seem to understand: Andrea did not know what the audience has known. People will say, “Yes, but he kept Penny in a closet.” And I say, “Well, Hershel kept his wife and family in a barn. Andrea sat over her dead sister for two days.” The rules have changed. Everyone’s grieving and there are those people who still believe the human soul is still trapped in these monsters.

The reason she didn't kill the Governor last week wasn't because she still has feelings for him.

To clarify, it has nothing to do with love. Andrea was a human-rights lawyer prior to the apocalypse. She has killed a lot of zombies. She has never, ever killed a human being. And it’s one thing to kill someone in self-defense; it’s another to kill them while they’re sleeping. And then there’s Dale, who was a huge influence in Andrea’s life. He’s like her guardian angel, and I think that every step Andrea takes, she’s always thinking about honoring Dale, whose thing was “You just don’t kill people.” As a former lawyer, you’re going to see her try for reason and peace and no bloodshed.

Andrea probably gets some unfair criticism because she's the only one stripping down for sexytimes.

… it was really risky for the show because, you’re right, we don’t do that on The Walking Dead. But Mazzara brought up a good point, which is, you know, people have sex. You can kill zombies and show all this brutality, but where are all the people hooking up? Because that’s what they would do. (…) So I think it was shocking, but it’s also realistic because at the end of the day, when the world is falling apart, you would seek comfort in someone else’s arm.

Andrea's underwear was a no-win situation.

They’re like, “How did you get a thong?” To which I’ll say, “I’m in Woodbury. They probably raided Neiman Marcus or wherever.” But if I had worn granny panties with holes in it, I just know the backlash on the Internet would have been through the roof. You’re upset about a thong? Think about the alternative.

Holden says we need to hang in there with Andrea:

I’ve heard (the criticism) from all over. I always want to tell them to be patient! It’s complicated storytelling.

Boy, I don't know, you guys. I like this interview, and I think Laurie Holden the actress sounds funny and smart and interesting, but … I mostly agree with this writer from the LA Times:

Characters whose actions aren’t immediately easy to parse are a good thing. Characters whose actions seem to mostly happen because the writers need them to act that way aren’t. Laurie Holden brings everything she can to Andrea, but the writers of this show have never quite gotten a bead on how to write the character.

YES. I know she's part of a complicated storyline and she very well may redeem herself in a big way, but I feel like she's always been difficult to relate to. Andrea's a skilled survivor, but that's about all I can say about her so far. She's arrogant, she's a terrible judge of character, she's a bad friend (even though her friend was Michonne, the Grumpy Cat), she gives lame speeches, and she's not remotely sympathetic.

Also I don't like the way she only buttons like one button on her shirt, but I concede I might be getting a little picky on that one.

What's your take on Andrea? Do you think she'll become a more likable character at some point?

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abra819 abra819

the 1 button thing haha..me too!

Donna Francis Thurman

I like Andrea, even though she pisses me off sometimes.  I'm curious to see where and how she redeems herself with her orginal crew (Rick and friends).  My "prophecy"  is that she will end up being RICK's new mate eventually.  If he doesn't snuggle up with Hershel's 17-year old daughter (after she's over 18 of course!).


Truel... Truelove77

I loved Andrea in the begining and I get what she is saying but come on why do they make her character so blind?I thought she was mentally stronger than that.And I think her going back is a sign she loves the Govenor even if she doesnt want to admit it to herself.Andrea needs a love Intervention.

Vegeta Vegeta

Although anything is better than Lori, Andrea is a close second. The women on this show are irritating, except for michanne. BUT I think I would personally have been less irritated at her, if I was reminded that she was a lawyer and following dales rules (cause dale was the best ever) before last Sundays episode.

poshkat poshkat

They keep saying she was a human rights lawyer, but when it comes to actual humans she is completely useless.

momof... momofamamasboy

I'm trying to be patient with Andrea. It's just so hard. She needs to get her head out of her ass sooner than later!

Jo Carvill

Get rid of her...!

nonmember avatar Ashley Wu

I don't think she is the same type of people as Rick's crew. she likes Shane and the Governor. She is one of this kind of people too. She doesn't know what is friendship like Michonne said. She is a selfish woman,even thoush she is a 'very successful' survivor, a good shooter.

Anneli Barnes

You feel about Andrea the way some of us feel about Anne Hathaway. :)

Zachery Brown

Her characters so outrageously annoying. She acts blind about the governor when she should have known for a fact that he was psychopathic by now. He was untrust worthy to begin with she should realize that having lived in that new world, her friend points out suspicious activity and distrust in him, very little is shown to prove her freedom, very odd things keep happening with him at the root with insane explanations, he made a crazy zombie death match arena, unless I'm recalling incorrectly she saw his chained zombie daughter and his wall of heads, need I say more.. but yet she still sleeps with him and sides with him. Just like how she instantly fell for Shane she plainly just clings to strong short sighted men in hopes that it will make her life easier. Doesn't seem to think of right and wrong unless it's convenient for her. Like the overview opinion said "She's arrogant, she's, a terrible judge of character, she's a bad friend" all of which I completely agree. Also strong potential but extremely weak actions and will because of her fear and choices guided by that fear. Dislike her character immensely I doubt that I will like her again.

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