Casting Taylor Lautner as Christian Grey Is a Bad Idea No Matter How You Look at It

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Taylor LautnerOh, for the love of Pete. Remember when the rumors started flying about Kristen Stewart playing Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie simply because Twilight director Bill Condon has a connection to the film?

Yeah, now there's speculation being thrown around that Taylor Lautner might land Christian Grey's role.

And it's not just because of Bill. Apparently Fifty Shades screenwriter Kelly Marcel was chilling out with E.L. James and some other Fifty Shades movie peeps at at the Chateau Marmont -- and then she went and shared a photo on Twitter of E.L. and Taylor Lautner and some other woman.

And if E.L. and Taylor were so much as breathing the same air, it must mean he's being considered for the role of Christian, right?

Huh. Maybe?

But somehow I'm thinking there's a more logical explanation for why Taylor Lautner turned up in a photo with E.L. James. Considering the Fifty Shades crew was at the Chateau Marmont for an Oscars party, odds are good there were a bunch of other celebs in attendance as well. And since E.L. James is known to be a huge fan of Twilight, doesn't it make sense that she'd want her picture taken with Taylor?

I mean, she's famous, but not that kinda famous. I'm sure she still gets starstruck by seeing her favorite actors just like the rest of us do.

But let's shift gears and entertain the idea of Taylor playing Christian for a second. He's a great looking guy and all -- but who else thinks he's totally wrong for that particular role? First of all, he strikes me as way too young. He's only 21, plus he played a high school kid in Twilight -- and somehow I can't see him shifting to a more mature role quite yet.

And then there's his whole demeanor. He's just such a sweet guy -- and I definitely can't picture him getting all raunchy and spanking a woman or tying her up. (Gasp! Jacob wouldn't dare ...)

Of course, he is pretty hot. And I wouldn't mind seeing him with his shirt off.

But looking good shirtless isn't quite enough to accurately portray Christan Grey.

Do you think Taylor is right for the part?


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nonmember avatar Simara

Ian Somerhalder has to play the part. I can't think of someone so sensual, sexy, erotic and sexual than him. Taylor can forever stay like Jacob and he had his moment. It's time to get Ian a little bit away from being a vampire begging and suffering for Elena's love and put him in TOTAL control!!!!

nonmember avatar ripchord

It wouldn't be Christian, it would be Jose.
and I think this kid would run like hell b4 he would get snagged up in a poorer rendering of what he just escaped from - he is known for being overly polite. The closet fans of this fanfic would make the most diehard twihardloonie seem like lttle orphan annie.

nonmember avatar Vanesa

Definetly not,I think that the best Grey is Matt Bommer,even if he's gay,he's the perfect Grey.My second opcion is Ian.

Farhiyo Hussien

well u dont know him like tht people can changed in the blink of a eye its not hard to act mean or act like a mucture guy n i wuldnt mind if taylor did play the role ill still wacth it cause in my mind i can see taylor playing the role

nonmember avatar Adillah

I LOVE taylor...but no! He's just not Christian Grey material, Ian Somerhalder is the perfect Grey! There's nobody better to do it than him.

Risle... Risley_Six

He would make a good what's his face. The friend who was in love with Ana.

nonmember avatar Sun

Well, if you assuming from one random party pic that he is going to be cast, well, good bye.

Monique Wiltz

Taylor Lautner would NOT want that role anyway..........he has already said he wants to move on to roles.......AWAY from Twilight and Jacob Black. 50 SHADES IS PORN Twilight. Like I said the cutie Taylor would not be interested. Clearly EL James just wanted a pic with the handsome actor.

Sylvia Wadas

Taylor would make an awesome Jose -- not Christian though...

Johni-Rae Smith

She should NEVER play Anastasia Steele and he should NEVER play Christian Grey

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