'Dancing With the Stars' Casts a 'Real Housewife' & It's About Time

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Hallelujah, Real Housewives fans, it's finally happened. Dancing With the Stars has at last cast one of the ladies from the series. And holy diamonds and rose did they ever pick a good one for the inaugural challenge. That's right, Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has signed on for Season 16.

After rumors that DWTS wanted nothing to do with Housewives EVER, it's most welcome news. She's simply perfect for the part -- Bravo! She'll be dancing with newcomer Gleb Savchenko, and it's going to be amazing to see what she's got. We saw a bit last season when the girls went to Las Vegas for Lisa's daughter's bachelorette party, and she's definitely got some moves. I actually think she could do quite well in the competition.

Not to mention, she's just fun to watch. She's one of the most likable Housewives of all time. She's smart, gorgeous, and hilarious. Her one-liners in that British accent are the best, and I think she's going to be a fantastic addition to the show. If Giggy gets some airtime, even better.

While Lisa's star continues to rise, you have to wonder just how green Adrienne Maloof is these days. Here Lisa has a spin-off show and is now going to star on DWTS while Adrienne has earned the wrath of America for her shady behavior. I'm guessing that while Lisa is lacing up her dancing shoes, Adrienne is probably going to be sulking around in her Maloof hooves. Too bad, huh?

In any case, let's all raise a virtual glass of rose, and offer a big cheer for Lisa on DWTS. It's sure to be one heck of a season.

Are you glad to see Lisa Vanderpump join the cast of Dancing With the Stars?


Image via Bravo

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Kristine Ullemeyer

Lisa is a first class act. She makes the show

surro... surromama

I've never watched the show, but I will watch this season :-)

Roxann Skvarj Stetzer

I love Lisa. I don't watch DWTS, but I will watch her on it!!

Lori J. Meyer Ferrara

yes now i will watch dtws - wasn't going to with all the good people leaving but will now - love her!!!!!!!

JoAnn Bove Carega

A real domestic women is one that runs a household 24/7. How about doing real house wives over 50 for DWTS. There are still some of us out there!

Norma Bergsted Luman

Not at all,I don't consider her a "star" she works a reality show for me that does not make a star. So DWTS should have maintained thier original decision and not had anything to do with Real Housewives, because thats what she is. Not a Star.

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