'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Goes Back to Rehab ... Finally!!

Jenelle EvansI wasn't sure whether we should be getting out a fat, black marker to make a mark on the calendar or call out the National Guard. Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans had not overshared the intimate details of her life on Twitter in four whole days. And then the news broke: Jenelle Evans is in rehab.

Of course she is. Only a force as powerful as an orderly could keep this girl from sharing her drama with the world.

And now for the really pressing question: why the heck is Jenelle Evans in rehab ... this time?


Ah, but see, this is where it gets complicated.

A "source" has told Radar that the scandal-plagued reality star is in a rehab to deal with drug addiction ... specifically heroin. Said source claims Jenelle has been using drugs for quite some time, even when she was pregnant with the baby Jenelle says she miscarried last month.

Pretty heavy stuff, but that's all from a "source" who has no name.

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Jenelle's boyfriend, Gary Head, on the other hand, says Jenelle is not doing drugs and has not been doing drugs. And he took to Twitter (where else?) to pin this whole rehab plan on MTV:

MTV Does not want her to see this season and then relapse BC of all the stress.

Ah, stress. It sounds so, well, reality star, doesn't it? What's next? Jenelle will be in rehab for "exhaustion"?


Maybe the question about these two stories isn't who to believe. It's whether it really matters why Jenelle is in rehab.

Does it? Does it matter whether she's in a facility to deal with how dramatic she gets or whether she's there to deal with a heroin addiction?

Because the point is, Jenelle IS in rehab, where Teen Mom fans have been saying she needed to be for months now. Hopefully (all fingers crossed and some toes too) this time what she's learning is actually going to STICK.

The sad truth is that one rehab stint did only so much for Jenelle. We all saw it play out on MTV -- she was back on the weed in no time flat. Maybe the second time will be the charm.

Hey, she kicked Twitter for four days ... anything can happen!

What do you think of Jenelle's trip to rehab this time around?


Image via MTV

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