'DWTS' Season 16 Cast Announcement Brings Pleasant Surprises & A Couple Shockers

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Brooke Burke Tom BergeronThe wait is finally over! The Dancing With the Stars Season 16 cast was just revealed live on Good Morning America, and I gotta say -- there are a few names on the list I most definitely was not expecting.

But by the same token, there were a few names I was hoping to hear Brooke Burke and Tom Bergeron announce, and when they didn't, I was a little bit disappointed. Like Emily Maynard and/or Sean Lowe. Nope. Neither one of them made the cut. I guess that means hard core Bachelor fans like myself will have to choose someone else to root for this time around.

Ok, ok -- let's cut the suspense and get to the cast list, and then we'll discuss.

Here's the Dancing With the Stars Season 16 cast along with their pro pairings ...

1. Wynonna Judd -- Country music superstar, five-time Grammy winner, and mom.

Partner -- Tony Dovolani

2. D.L. Hughley -- Comedian and star of The Hughleys.

Partner -- Cheryl Burke

3. Jacoby Jones -- Baltimore Ravens wide receiver and Super Bowl champ.

Partner -- Karina Smirnoff

4. Lisa Vanderpump -- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and bestselling author.

Partner -- Gleb Savchenko (Who? Yep, he's new.)

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5. Andy Dick -- Comedian ... or should we say very raunchy comedian.

Partner -- Sharna Burgess (Another newbie.)

6. Victor Ortiz -- Pro boxer and welterweight champion.

Partner -- Lindsay Arnold (Newbie.)

7. Zendaya Coleman -- Actress, singer, dancer, and star of Disney's Shake It Up.

Partner -- Val Chmerkovskiy

8. Aly Raisman -- Olympic gymnast extraordinaire.

Partner -- Mark Ballas

9. Ingo Rademacher -- Actor and General Hospital star.

Partner -- Kym Johnson

10. Kellie Pickler -- Former American Idol contestant and country music singer.

Partner -- Derek Hough

11. Dorothy Hamill -- Figure skater and Olympic gold medal winner.

Partner -- Tristan MacManus

All right, let's start with who I'm most excited about on this list. Hands down, my top three contestants this season are Wynonna Judd, Kellie Pickler, and Dorothy Hamill. I am a huge country music fan, so it will be so much fun to see how Wynonna and Kellie do each week. And Dorothy Hamill? She's a legend! How can anyone not root for her?

And how about the wild cards?!? Andy Dick? Really? Be prepared for full-blown batsh&% crazy. Lisa Vanderpump and D.L. Hughley should also be pretty entertaining, don't cha think?

Then there are the sweethearts -- Aly Raisman and Zendaya Coleman. Everyone expects Aly to kill it, simply based on how amazing her fellow gymnast, Shawn Johnson, was. And Zendaya is a Disney star, which gives her a huge fan base going in. But isn't it interesting that she is paired with Val Chmerkovskiy? Since she's only 16, Kelly Monaco has absolutely nothing to worry about as far as them having any chemistry goes. (Hmm.)

And how hot is Ingo Rademacher? He's this season's William Levy, for sure.

As for the two athletes, Victor Ortiz and Jacoby Jones? Nah, I don't really care about them.

Oh, one more thing -- how bad does it suck that Maksim Chmerkovskiy isn't back this season? (Ugh. So disappointing.)

Who are you most excited to watch on DWTS Season 16?


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Coles... Coles_mom

I've only heard of three of those people. They are definitely dragging the bottom of the barrel this year. This might be the first season I don't bother watching.

Naomi Guiney

my daughter will be excited to see Zendaya she loves the show she is on

bella... bellacazzate

I saw Dorothy Hamill and actually released a 'squee'. Or more like an 'eeeee". I love her. 

MomOf... MomOfTwins789

I'm excited about Kellie with Derek! They will be a powerhouse

Nancy Bull Shifflett

Even though Max gets on my nerves here and there I sure will miss him, but so so glad Derek is coming back. He is my Favorite for sure.. I could do without Cheryl Burke though.... All in all, not to bad. Many seasons I say who r they but by week 3, I'm in love with them all. I'll b watching, one of my favorite shows..

LoriA... LoriAnn87

will not be watching this season but i have not watched in years.

Ashly Pinion

Lindsey Arnold was on SYTYCD this past season, I love her!

NellieQ NellieQ

Max does get on my nerves but I would rather see him than Tony.  Poor Wynonna, Tony brings nothing but drama.

Amanda Adell Kitts

Max is my favorite! He is the whole reason I started watching the show in the first place. I really hope he comes back next season!

despe... desperatelyTTC

I will be rooting for Kellie and 4 year old daughter will be rooting for Zendaya. :)

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