'Bachelor' Recap: Sean Lowe Is in Love & It's SO Obvious Who He'll Pick

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Sean Lowe

Well, the three fantasy suite dates on The Bachelor are officially over, and not surprisingly, each of them was just as boring and anticlimactic (hee hee hee) as we expected. Oh c'mon -- we all know Sean Lowe is saving himself for marriage, so there's absolutely no way he got busy with AshLee, Lindsay, or Catherine this week. (Or at least that's what we're assuming based on what a stand-up dude Sean is.)

Ugh. What a waste of three perfectly gorgeous hotel suites. But enough about the lack of sex -- let's cut to the chase. Out of all the remaining women, it's so blatantly clear that there's one who stands out from the rest. 

Oh yeah -- Sean's in love alright, and it's totally obvious that he already has his mind made up as far as who he will propose to in the end.

Um, yeah -- it's GOT to be Catherine Giudici. For sure. To put it simply -- Sean has a different look in his eye when he's around her. He lights up when she walks in the room, he gets all cheesy and shy whenever she opens her mouth, and he looks disappointed when he has to tell her goodbye. He's got it bad for that girl, and I'll be absolutely shocked if he doesn't put a ring on her finger at the final rose ceremony. (It really seems like a done deal, you guys.)

Don't get me wrong, I love Lindsay -- she's a doll. But Sean doesn't act the same way around her as he does around Catherine.

And Good LORD -- did AshLee turn on the crazy when Sean sent her home, or what? Instead of bowing out with class and wishing Sean well, she acted like a spoiled little brat. And in that moment, she went from being America's sweetheart to the biggest bullet Sean could've possibly dodged -- other than Tierra LiCausi, of course.

Oh man, I can't wait to hear what she has to say on the Women Tell All special next week.

Do you think Sean made the right decision in sending AshLee home? And do you think he'll pick Catherine or Lindsay?


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Samfan97 Samfan97

I am really pulling for Lindsay. I just don't see the chemistry with Catherine; Sean and her just seem awkward to me.

hexxuss hexxuss

They've already said Catherine wins lol.  In fact, Reality Steve has pegged the final 4 & departing order so far.  I like Catherine better for him in the long run - a guy SHOULD have awkward moments around the woman he loves.

Carolyn Somma McGoldrick

You're being way too harsh on Ashlee.  Think about how she felt.  She was in love with him and opened herself up and thought he felt the same way.  Of course she was mad and upset.  I still think she's a sweet person.  I really liked her and wished Sean would have felt for her the way she felt for him.  I think they would have been great together.

Alicia Zapata Couret

I for one, love the morality of saving themselves for marriage. Its the right way of dealing things. Second, I like Lindsey for Sean over Catherine, but if he loves Catherine more than its the right thing. I think Ashlee loved Sean more than he loved her, and its right to send her home. I think the girl needs some counsling before getting into a marriage. She has baggage that she needs to work out before she can make a marriage work.

nonmember avatar Cheryl

Having gone through the same number of foster homes at the same age before being adopted at the same age as AshLee, I know exactly how she must have been feeling and why she reacted the way she did. I would have reacted the same way. It was yet another goodbye and let down. You learn early that you have to protect yourself, your heart so you shut down. She wasn't acting like a brat.. She was acting like a person who has been abandoned by so many people so often in her life. That young it really traumatizes you. There was no point in her waiting around for him to explain, the reaction is to just get in the car so you can get somewhere to break down. You never break down where others can see because it does no good. If you noticed when she got in the car she angled her body so that she wouldn't be able to see him as they drove away. You will never know how painful it is to get close to someone only to be told that sorry you need to move on now, having to drive away from them and never see them again. For children such as us, it's traumatic. I too this day at 38 still have those anxieties and panic moments when leaving even family, because it's so ingrained that you wont see people again. AshLee was not acting like a brat.. she was doing what she needed to in order to protect herself.

Deb Edwards Naatjes

Yes, some of us still appreciate that these men and women have some morals, it is actually refreshing.  I do think Lindsay had stronger feeling for Sean than he for her, but I actually don't see that much chemistry with the other girls either.  I thought as far as chemistry it was with Des. 

nonmember avatar Leona

I really want him to pick Lindsey. I love her. Catherine doesn't even look at him when she talks. Her personality could use some work. As far as Ashlee goes, I'd be pissed and go off the crazy end myself! Leaving with class is cool and all but that's not how she felt! Dez should so be next bachelorette !

Angie Burton- Stafford

Man, you are way to hard on ppl that have morals and save themselves for marriage. And on Ashlee. She was hurt. She could have acted a whole lot worse. I didn't see anything wrong in her actions. He led her on, quite frankly. But such is the nature of this little game.

nonmember avatar Lil

I agree with Cheryl and Carolyn. My heart broke for Ashlee and i hope she can find a man that loves her and brings peace to her heart. She deserves it. I believe no amount of counseling can heal her heart as much as experiencing love that is unconditional and safe from a partner/husband. I vote she becomes the next bachelorette. I want a happy ending for her.

craft... craftycatVT

Why is just spending time together in a room "a waste?"

Also will people QUIT TELLING US WHAT REALITY STEVE SAYS!! If people want the ending spoiled, they can check Reality Steve themselves!!!

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