'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kim Richards Bids Adieu to Sobriety in Paris?

Kim RichardsI'm hoping it's just Bravo trying to set up the drama, but tonight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills it appeared that the newly sober Kim Richards had relapsed and was drinking (or popping something?) again. It's hard to buy, since just earlier this month she was proclaiming her whole life to be amazing due to sobriety, but tonight in Paris she seemed wasted, plain and simple.

Ironically, this came on the heels of the least dramatic intervention ever when Kim and Kyle Richards confronted Taylor Armstrong over her drinking problem. I expected denials, perhaps a little shouting; instead Taylor admitted she'd been using alcohol as a crutch, but no worries, she said she can stop on her own. And that was that. Great if it works out that way for her, but I have my doubts.

Taylor was, however, smart enough to opt out of the big Paris trip with the rest of the ladies. She said she needed to stay home and focus on her daughter and herself. Based on what we saw tonight, it seems like Kim perhaps should have followed suit.

There they all were gathered on a balcony overlooking Paris, waiting for the fireworks, and discussing threesomes. Kim was, as usual, late. When she finally made her appearance, it was bizarre.

She was making crazy faces, and laughing inappropriately. Her eyes were blinking rapidly and she was making those random movements with her head ... just like when she was drunk.

“Why are you making that face? Is everything OK?” Kyle asked her. When Lisa Vanderpump asked her when she arrived in Paris, Kim started talking in circles. She blamed it on being tired, but Lisa was more skeptical. “I’m worried about Kim’s behavior she seems to not be that lucid," she said. "The Kim I’m seeing tonight is not the Kim I’ve been seeing for the last few months.”

My guess is that she's going to blame it on being tired and/or the painkillers she may have taken after her recent nose job. I don't know, but there's got to be a reason she was acting like that. Whether we'll ever learn the real one or not, is unknown.

Do you think Kim Richards was drunk? Were you surprised by Taylor Armstrong's reaction to Kim and Kyle's concerns that she has a drinking problem? 


Image via Bravo

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Valera Painter

i think she was drunk and taking painkillers after all she just had a nose job

nonmember avatar irene

yes oh yes kim qas wasted. and she needs to go as fast as she can to an meeting or call her sponser . she has relasped. it is gonna happen it just how fast she get back on track.

Deb Walsh

There's no way anybody in early recovery can hang out with people drinking all the time....So either she needs to find new friends, or her friends need to stop drinking around her....I know this from experience.  If you hang around the barber shop long enough....your gonna get a hair cut...From a friend of Bill W.

Pam Stucki

Most likely Kim's people(producer, manager,director,assistant) probably supplied her with her drug of choice. It sounds horrible...I know. Kim is more fun when she's under the influence of her drug of choice. It certainly doesn't help matters that all of her castmates are kind of "functioning alcoholics/ drug addicts" It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt or hurts someoe else. It seems like entrapment to me...anything for the ratings, right?

Roxann Skvarj Stetzer

She was tanked. I personally think that in addition to drinking, she is a longtime pillhead. She usually seems all zoned out on Xanax or something, but I think last night was opiates.
Taylor is ridiculous. NEVER do I not know where my children are. I think she is a drunk, and a fake. She needs to go back to Oklahoma. Say goodbye to 90210 Taylor!!

nonmember avatar SanoRiley

It appears Kim may have stumbled--but that's something to be expected when you leave rehab. No one's perfect. You pick yourself up, dust off your shoes and move on in a different direction. She is not to be condemned. She is to be applauded for her starting out on what will be a long trek. Good luck Kim!

Victoria Jorge

that was pills for sure i dont thinks it alcohol just sad that she relapsed again ...

Jacqueline Lennon Ross

I think being around her sister stresses her out!!! Stay home and focus on your children and your new home. She does well in that situation. Maybe she should volunteer helping others with substance abuse and that will help her to stay straight. Feel bad for her. But there's just something about Kyle that irks the #$%^ out of me when it comes to her sister. 

nonmember avatar drake

Not that this matters but does anyone realize this episode was seven months ago? Who knows what was going on at that time. Perhaps time will tell but damn give Kim a break already

nonmember avatar lori

Kim def.mixed pills and booze..If your truely trying to complete your rehab and stay on track,why the heck go to parris,cant you miss one trip..this is not reality, its a joke....hey I'm a drunk and have problems but i'll go away with couples and friends that drink non stop.(you always need a wing man that has your back and she has noone)A 22 hour flight with her anxiety, yes she has plugged away on pills again..shame on all..

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