Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Headed for a Wedding (Eventually)

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kim kardashian cosmopolitanKim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries may not technically be over, but that isn't stopping her from waxing poetic about her next one. Oh yes, it sounds like getting hitched to baby daddy Kanye West is definitely in the cards. Just not right away. (Most likely because she needs to actually get divorced first in order to remarry, but aside from that ...)

In the new issue of Cosmo, she said, "Sometimes, you're just not ready. A person could have it all, and you’re not ready for it all. But this is where I probably always should have been ... [Marriage] is something I know that we both want in our future, but I don’t have this sense of urgency about it. I have this best friend who understands me and helps me through all my tough experiences, and vice versa, you know? It just feels like this is it for me.” Wow! Well, there you have it, folks. Kanye's The One! But sounds like Kim doesn't feel she needs a ring on it to prove that to the world.

Granted, there's a lot of other static here that I'm SURE is affecting how fast Kim's interested in walking down the aisle with Kanye, but nonetheless, I admire that she doesn't have that "sense of urgency." And that she seems comfortable letting their relationship progress at its own pace.

It's not easy to do that in our culture. Even with so many couples having kids before marriage now, there's still a stigma surrounding putting the "carriage before the marriage." There's a lot of stigma when you've been in a relationship for three, five, or more years, and you're not engaged. Whether we like it or not, there are still some social conventions in relationships we pressure couples to adhere to. Even if it's just by asking a simple, but oh soooo annoying question like, "So, now that you're married, when are you gonna start trying?!"

The bottom-line: It's 2013. There's no prescribed, pre-approved plan for how relationships should progress. And no two relationships are the same. Thus, if Kim wants to date and have a baby and plan her wedding to Kanye while she's still married to Kris Humphries, ehhhh ... Okay, so it's all sorts of screwed up, but if she's happier and healthier, what's it to us?

Do you admire Kim's lack of "urgency" about marrying Kanye?

Image via Cosmpolitan magazine 

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nonmember avatar Ren

Yeah...he's the one. THIRD time is a charm...right? Especially if you're knocked up, still married to husband #2, famous for a sex tape with hubby topic.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

She is cheating on her husband and pregnant by her whore. There's nothing to admire there. I'm surprised she isn't organizing a sham wedding with kayne for publicity and gifts now.

nonmember avatar AP

Wow. Judge her for being separated for almost a year and having a do-over? Being self righteous is definately not becoming. Someone having a past is not a prediction of anyone's future. Reading these judgments would make me rather be an atheist than a hateful, judgmental jerkoff.

love2... love2teach956

We're all entitled to judge her. She chose to put herself in the spotlight. And yea after a while, it's not too hard to figure out she's hardly a righteous person...She chose to put her sex tape out and profit from it, while not being married to Ray J. She scammed Kris H into marriage and will not agree to annullment as she will have to admit the marriage was a fraud. She's on Keeping UP, and now Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, now she's knocked up by someone new and expects America to be thrilled as we would a newlywed couple or a couple who's been trying to conceive? Admire? Nothing to admire. And as for her "lack of urgency", it's not self-imposed, she can't get married until the annullment. Does she think that spin is something we're buying? Spare me your righteous indignation....

Jenny... JennyG0929

Ugh...I wish the media would stop giving this family play....

Joyce Stafford

I get that she's pregnant, but WHY is she wearing a diaper?

nonmember avatar AP

@love2teach956; Justifying your right to judge is very sad. Apparently you enjoy digging up the negatives and not facts while on the path to judge. If you don't care so much for the Kardashians, why take time out to comment? Get over yourself.

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