Jack Nicholson Hits on Jennifer Lawrence & Her Reaction Is Priceless (VIDEO)


Jennifer Lawrence

Remember that funny (or not) moment at the Oscars when Seth MacFarlane's teddy bear alter ego, Ted, was harassing Mark Wahlberg to tell him where the after-show "orgy" was going to be held? And Mark kept saying, "I don't know what you're talking about," but then finally 'fessed up that it would be at Jack Nicholson's house? I mean, where else would it be? Well, it looks like Jack picked out his intended partner for this (imaginary, I'm suuuuure) debauchery. And it was none other than freshly-minted Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence. Which totally thrilled her creeped her out.

JLaw was backstage giving a post-Oscar interview to George Stephanopoulos when Hollywood legend Jack furiously starts wiping his sweaty brow behind Jennifer. Unaware of the barrels of lecherous testosterone that will soon be foisted upon her, the actress is busy recounting her big winning moment for George when Jack finally gets the courage to approach. He ducks his head into the tete-a-tete as George announces, "You've got a fan here."

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Jack moves in for the kill. "You did such a beautiful job, I don't mean to interrupt you," Jack says (or something to that effect -- acoustics are not good!).

"You're being so rude!" Jennifer teases.

Jack eyeballs her and then drawls, "Join me later. I'd love to."

Stunned, Jennifer tries to change the topic. "I've loved all your movies," she stammers. What Jack says next I'll leave up to someone else to decipher, but then Jennifer says, surprised, "Oh really?" They laugh some more and then it sounds like Jen says, "Do I look like a new girl to you?" and then Jack replies, "I've thought about it," as he snakes back into the crowd.

"Oh my God!" she shrieks as George dissolves into laughter. "Is he still here?" she asks, looking a bit terrified.

Suddenly, Jack pops back into frame, with that familiar "Here's Johnny!" expression. "I'll be waiting!" he promises.

Ha. Old Jack. Never gives up. Well, at least Jack's flirtation did one thing -- it completely wiped out her fall on the stage stairs from Jen's mind. Asked what her most memorable moment of the show was, she breathes, "THAT!"

Do you think Jack got lucky after the show?


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abra819 abra819

eh... I think she was just amazed that it was Jack Nicholson talking to her! " here comes Johnny! "

nonmember avatar Wendy

He said you remind me of an old girlfriend. She responded "not a new girlfriend?" He responds "I've thought about it".. so she was jokingly flirting back with him. She is too funny!

AuntP... AuntPammie

Not with her.

AuntP... AuntPammie

Not with her.

tuffy... tuffymama

Eeew. He could be her granddaddy!

UKFan136 UKFan136

You can tell she wasn't creeped out by him, she was embarrassed by the flirting but definitely not creeped out. I love her, she's too cute!

MrsCh... MrsChurch

I love her! She is too cute.

rhps2000 rhps2000

But it's Jack! He could be a 100 and still get away with it! :)

Sylvia J. Mckinley

This is so gross!...I love Jack in movies but the thought of him of hitting on someone who could be my daughter just makes me sick. I am sure Jennifer was creeped the f---k out!!! Jack needs to find a woman remotely close to his age. Some one at least in her 50's.!! He isn't even good looking even though some women would deal with it due to his big money! He is still gross!!

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