Kanye West Disses Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake -- Jealous Much? (VIDEO)

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Just when we thought that Kanye West had mellowed a little bit, he goes and unleashes that ridiculous mouth of his. During a concert in London, he dissed Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake's new song "Suit & Tie." Seriously, who does this guy think he is? It's like he's itchin' to start another rap war.

He basically says the new hit isn't good enough for his precious ears. Really Kanye? I guess the music charts and about a billion fans have got it wrong then. His slight boils down to one thing -- jealousy. He’s totally jealous.

Not long ago Kanye and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne tour was all anyone could talk about -- two of music's biggest heavyweights putting aside any beef they may have had and working together. It was amazing. But now Jay has moved on and is collaborating with infinitely more likable star Timberlake. Obviously Kanye's bitter. He may be a father-to-be, but the "Jesus Walks" rapper will NEVER grow up. Looks like his girlfriend Kim Kardashian will be raising two bratty kids unless her man suddenly decides to mature.

We are used to him sounding off, but this rant goes on way too long. He picks on businessmen, music execs, and the Grammys too. Why? Do people go to see him bitch on his little soap box or to hear him belt out his biggest hits? I am sure more than one fan was thinking, "Enough Kanye. Can you just get to the music please?" He needs to save the ridiculous speeches for his website or Twitter -- not a concert people paid for.

WARNING -- this video contains some seriously foul language!

What do you think of Kanye's rant?


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hexxuss hexxuss

Couldn't bring myself to even watch it.  He's a pathetic loser, at BEST.  I've intensely disliked him since his little tirade towards Taylor Swift.  He needs to grow the hell up, and do it about, oh, A DECADE AGO!! Hope Kim enjoys having a control-freak infant-man as a baby-daddy...

Rick Mosier

I don't think K should worry about J-Z or Justin, he needs to make sure is he really is the father of Kim's baby. It could be Reggie or any one night stands to get her name on the media! One other question, is she going to taken then baby coming out when giving birth so she show all her fans or shop around for the highest bidder? Pathetic.

nonmember avatar Cedric

The Song Is Wack

nonmember avatar shaneice

i like the song he's just a real nigga maybe a little bit too real! go ye

nonmember avatar sean

Obviously ericka and most of the followers of this blog arent qualified to speak on real hip hop culture. What Ye said, requires a big Thank God somebodys not so hollywood that theyre afraid to say the truth. Rap has suffered severly since the machine took it over because they saw it was making real money, and it wasnt going away. Theyve been dangling the golden carrot in front of our peoples faces and saying "if you can just sound a little less creative and more ignorant we'll sighn you". People study the art of music and stop kissing the machines butt to stay in their good graces for a check. Stand for something and listen to more than the pussycat dolls.

nonmember avatar Chase

Seriously, Kanye needs to grow up and quit whining. Music is an art AND a business. If Kanye wants to whine so much then he needs to keep it to himself and make a better song that grabs more fans. Music isn't about who is singing it, it is about the individuality and how enjoyable the rhythm/beat make-up is. So, Kanye, quit whining and do something about it. Make a song of equal or greater popularity; otherwise, shut up.

nonmember avatar Geezy

Kanye, let me remind you and everyone else: You are in it to get paid! Don't trip! I don't see you givin' back to your hood. Your shit is whack! Grow the fuck up! House ......

nonmember avatar Florine

Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it,
you've got to start young.

nonmember avatar Samantha

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