Favorite 'Idol' Contestant & Super Bowl Star Said to Be in 'DWTS' Season 16 Cast Lineup

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Brooke Burke Tom BergeronWe're less than 24 hours away from hearing the official Dancing With the Stars Season 16 cast announcement, and at this point, it's anyone's guess who may wind up as part of the show.

Rumors about the new cast have been a dime a dozen these days, with everyone from Bachelor Sean Lowe to gymnast Aly Raisman being noted as possibilities. And now there's even a chance that the new DWTS cast may include former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler, along with country star, Wynonna Judd.

Um, who else is jumping up and down over both of these gals possibly making the cut?

And oh yeah, Baltimore Ravens star Jacoby Jones may be trading his cleats for dancing shoes. (Eye roll.)

First let's talk about Kellie. I loovvvvvve me some Kellie Pickler. I was actually so bummed out when she got voted off her season of American Idol. She's just so adorable, sweet, and funny -- and I'm so SO excited to see her compete on Dancing With the Stars if the rumors are true.

And Wynonna is such an icon in the country music world. I've been a fan of her music since I was a little girl, and it would be awesome to see her take the ballroom floor by storm and make a huge comeback. She's authentic, real, and someone viewers will love rooting for.

I guess that brings us to Jacoby Jones. Yes, DWTS needs an athlete or two every season. But considering I was born in Pittsburgh and I'm a die-hard Steelers fan through and through, there's no way in hell I'm cheering for the Ravens on the field, the dance floor, or anywhere else for that matter.

Will you be happy if Kellie, Wynonna, and Jacoby are part of the new DWTS cast?


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beckypo beckypo

If Jacoby is deserving (shows he is a good dancer) then fine.  But for him (or anyone) to win just because of their fan base isn't how it should be.  IMO.

Still hoping they are bringing back Kelly Monaco for Val. Ha, ha...and I know you are too!

Debbie Deal McGee

I think DWTS had a less than stellar cast this season. Kelli is by far the best. That  lady that played on some Housewife Reality Show was terrible. Jacoby has a terrible attitude-street thug type. Bless her heart Wynona didn't even move when she danced and this show was way out of her league. Sean Lowe's talents don't lie on the dancefloor-he should have called it quits after the Bachelor-I liked him there, but he's tragic dancing... I hope the show will put more thought on selecting more interesting and better qualified candidates next season. I would hate to see this show cancelled b/c of boring contestants that have no ability.

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